How To Launch A Product Review WordPress Site For Making Money


How would you like to learn about creating a new kind of blog on WordPress that helps you to make more money?

In the past, I have shared many techniques for you to make money from blogging. A few of the famous ones are:

Today, I will be sharing another method which is popular among marketers to make money from niche website & it’s easy for you or anyone to pickup & make money.

Before that, let’s take a moment & think from a buyer’s perspective:

What’s the first thing you normally do before purchasing a new product or service?

If you’re like 81% of shoppers, you do search & read the review before making a purchase.

Think about that – 3 out of every 5 people look for reviews online before buying. That’s a lot of searches where people are primed to buy if they find the information they’re looking for.

You can be the one to provide that information by starting your own product review site. Product review sites open up huge avenues for traffic generation and monetization.

Especially if you wish to earn money using affiliate marketing, product reviews could do wonders for your overall blog income.

Reviews are perfect for driving traffic from long tail searches, and review sites can be monetized with a variety of powerful methods like affiliate marketing and sponsored content.

Today, I will be helping you create a review website using WordPress & earning money from it.

If you’re interested in getting into this highly lucrative niche, join me as I show you how to launch a WordPress product review site using the WP Product Review plugin from ThemeIsle.

Do note, our goal here is to create a site which should stand out in search engines & make users click on our desired link.

  • The more targeted clicks you will get, the more money you will make.

How to build a review WordPress site

Step 1: Pick a niche for your review site

This is the first step to ensure that your website will make money.

While giants like TopTenReviews have managed to create successful general review sites, if you’re an individual, you’ll definitely want to pick a specific niche.

Your niche is the specific category of products you’ll review.

For example, you could start a site that focused entirely on reviewing WordPress plugins, or drones, or mobile apps.

When picking your niche, try to answer questions like:

  • How knowledgeable am I on this topic?
  • How popular is this topic?
  • Are there good affiliate programs for this topic?

The best niche will be one where you can answer positively to



This article was written by Harsh Agrawal and originally published on ShoutMeLoud.

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