How to learn SEO: 7 tips for effective learning

How to learn SEO: 7 tips for effective learning • Yoast

Dijana Muzhdeka

Dijana is an e-learning content developer at Yoast. She enjoys creating materials that help people learn.

SEO: they say it’s the key ingredient to online success. But if you’re a beginner, two questions might pop up in your mind: 1) Can you learn SEO (hint: you can) and 2) how do you learn it? Like most skills, you learn SEO by finding the right resources, setting goals, planning, using learning strategies, practicing and evaluating. Does that sound like a lot? Don’t worry! Here, we’ll give you some tips for a flying start in SEO.

Firstly, we’d like you to meet Maya. We’ll use her case to guide you through an effective learning journey!

Meet Maya

Maya is a culinary enthusiast who enjoys discovering restaurants and discussing the food with friends. Recently, her friend Nick suggested she should start a website and write restaurant reviews. Such a fun idea, Maya thought.

Nick makes websites for a living, and Maya’s heard him talk over and over about the importance of SEO. She figures it is quite important and decides to go online and learn more. A quick search is enough to flood her with information. So many sources, so much to read and go through. And on top of that, she’s beginning to realize that SEO is quite a layered topic. Where should she even begin? Should she order a book, read posts, or get a course? 

SEO courses: a great starting resource

When you’re starting with SEO, and you set out to search for knowledge, you may get overwhelmed. As a beginner, it is difficult to make sense of it on your own. To spare yourself the hardship, you could follow an online course. An online SEO course is a good beginner’s resource because: 

  • An online course typically contains bite-sized lessons that move from basic to more complex. That ensures you understand each concept before you move on to the next one. 
  • Ideally, a course is created by instructors whose goal is to make sure the material sticks in your memory. 
  • Following and completing a course is not only educational, but it can also bring satisfaction and increase motivation.

So, Maya could begin by following a course such as SEO for beginners. Wait a minute! Did you read through all of this just so that we can promote a (free) course to you? No! Although, we do think that, for a beginner, a course is the most logical choice. Still, it is up to you to choose your path. If you decide to use online resources, make sure they are trustworthy. Don’t forget to take a closer look at the source, what they say about it online, and perhaps check some ratings and reviews.

Whether you are using an online course, a book, or online posts, there are some strategies you can use to direct your learning.

Tips on how to learn SEO

1. Set goals

A successful learning journey begins with goals. Goals, especially challenging ones, are most likely to motivate you to persevere and reach the finish line. When



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