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4 License Verification Plugins for Envato Sellers - WP Solver

Plenty of theme and plugin developers are selling commercial products on Envato these days. In almost all cases, customers expect some level of after-sale support. How would you go about verifying Envato purchases? These 4 Envato license validators are worth a look:

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Smart bbPress nVerify: a bbPress plugin for authors selling products through Envato marketplaces. It uses Envato API to verify purchase codes and restrict access to forums and content.

Ticketrilla: a ticket system for WordPress theme and plugin sellers. It has an add-on for Envato sellers.

AIO Support Center – Envato Licensing add-on: this extension lets you keep track of sold products and provide support only to users who hold a valid license. It can keep track of attempts too.

Envato Purchase Code Verifier: another bbPress extension that lets you limit your forums to those who only have a valid code. It keeps fake buyers out by restricting purchase codes to one time use.

Have you found more reliable Envato license validators? Please share them here.

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