LifterLMS Review : Is it The Ultimate WordPress LMS Plugin?

LifterLMS Review: Is it The Ultimate WordPress LMS Plugin?

LifterLMS is a tool that allows you to publish courses online with WordPress. If you want to deliver courses online and share learning materials with your visitors, then this learning management (LMS) plugin could be just what you are looking for.

Some of the key features of LifterLMS include creating multiple courses, managing membership access, and collecting payments.  This all adds up to give this plugin the potential to help you turn your area of expertise into a passive income stream.

In this review of the LifterLMS plugin we will explore the features in more depth, as well as take a look at the user interface to see just how easy it is to use, from both an admin and end user perspective.

LifterLMS Features

The features of LifterLMS can be broken down into four main categories: the learning management system features, ecommerce, engagement, and membership features.

Learning Management Features

Lifter LMS LMS Features

The Learning Management features of this plugin give you everything you need in order to deliver a course online. With the plugin you can create multiple courses. Each course can then consist of multiple lessons.

With LifterLMS you can add quizzes to your courses, in order to test your students as they progress. You can create a question bank on your website, and then add questions from the bank to the quizzes. This makes it easy to reuse and repurpose your learning content as needed.

Quiz questions can be weighted as you see fit. LifterLMS has the ability to automate the assessment process. The then allows the plugin to automatically grade quiz submissions and even issue completion certificates to students.

Your online courses can make use of pre-requisites, requiring students to pass a specific course or lesson before being able to progress further. LifterLMS can automatically manage course progression, making this a hands-off process.

When creating course content, you can easily embed audio and video files into the learning materials. This gives you the ability to offer full multimedia learning materials to your students. You are also free to add downloadable files to your lessons. Through the settings you can set the course availability to make use of term based scheduling. All courses can be organized using the custom taxonomies.

User Engagement Features

Lifter LMS Engagement Features

To keep your students engaged with your learning materials,



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