Logo Design Evolution – How the Making of Logos Has Evolved

Logo Design Evolution – How the Making of Logos Has Evolved

Logos have been around for a long time, but the process of designing and using them has changed quite dramatically over time. New technology, high internet speeds, and online apps have made it easier to create your logo.

Today, it’s possible for anyone in need of a logo for their business or any other organization to design one using an online app and to begin using it in as little as ten minutes. But it wasn’t always so.

Before the internet came to be used widely, businesses mainly had to rely on local designers to create logos for them. It was a long-winded and frequently expensive process. The coming of high-speed internet, cloud storage, and online design apps changed that in a very fundamental way.

Now it’s easier than ever before to create your logo with online apps that give you access to a wide range of design templates and styles.

A Brief History of Logo Design Evolution

 Some of the most famous and recognizable logos today is Levi Strauss, Chanel, and the New York Yankees.

Without stretching the truth too far, we could see pub signs and the shingles that medieval professionals used to hang over their doors as the predecessors to modern-day logos. They used memorable but straightforward designs, combining images and text to symbolize a business and to attract clients.

But it wasn’t that easy to find a painter – artists in those days were mostly underpaid and led a nomadic life. So if you were a pub owner needing a sign, you had to wait for a painter to show up in your area, and then provide him food and drink and housing until the sign was completed.

Fast forward to the nineteenth century and the origins of the modern era of advertising, and things became a little better organized. With mass production came the idea of branding and of building a strong customer base through brand recognition. Professional artists began to turn their hand to logo design, and by the early decades of the twentieth century, they were in high demand.

Some of the most famous and recognizable logos today – like Levi Strauss, Chanel, and the New York Yankees – date back to the nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries.

However, well organized, the world of the logo design was still very limited until the internet came to be widely used. Before the



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