Where to Get a Logo Designed for Your WordPress Website

Where to Get a Logo Designed for Your WordPress Website

Searching for where to get a logo designed? Every website or business needs a logo – it’s a big part of your branding.

We use our logo to show our awesome space theme (we’ll help you launch your WordPress site to Mars, where you can hang out with Elon!).

But you’ll probably have your own ideas for your logo. And if you’re not a designer, implementing those ideas is tough.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help with a bunch of free and premium places where you can get a logo designed for your next project.

Overall, we’ll cover two different approaches for how to get a logo designed:

  • Services that help you work with human designers to help you get a logo designed.
  • Logo generator tools that use computers to create your logo, with some basic input from you.

Let’s dig in…

Five Places Where to Get a Logo Designed by a Pro

If you want to get a logo designed by a professional, you have options at all price points.

In this first section, I’ll go through some of the best spots, starting with the cheapest place to get a logo designed and then moving more into premium options that will typically cost you $100+.

1. Fiverr

where to get a logo designed on Fiverr

Fiverr is probably the most popular spot for cheap logo design services. As long as you’re not expecting an absolute masterpiece, you can get a good-looking logo for surprisingly cheap – like “less than your next meal out” cheap

Fiverr has moved away from the flat $5 structure of the past, so the price that you’ll pay now depends on the designer that you’re looking at.

With that being said, a quick perusal of popular logo designers turns up plenty of options in the $5-20 range, which is about as cheap as you can expect for a designer with a pulse (more on designers without a pulse in the next section).

Again, if you just need something simple that looks good enough, I would say Fiverr is a great place to start your logo design journey.

Visit Fiverr

2. 99 Designs



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