MainWP Plugin Review – One Plugin to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

MainWP Plugin Review - One Plugin to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Due to the rapid growth of WordPress, several websites are launched across the Internet each day. If you have a large business with multiple WordPress websites, then it can become a bit of a hefty task when it comes to managing all of them at the same instance. Life is too short to log in to your WordPress dashboards separately on different tabs.

To overcome such a hassle, WordPress launched the WordPress Multisite feature back in 2010. It helps WordPress users to create an entire network of WordPress sites, which can be controlled by a single instance of WordPress dashboard. The only limitation to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard is that all websites should be on the same server.

What if you want to connect several WordPress sites hosted on different hosting providers? This guide is for you!
In this tutorial, I will launch multiple WordPress sites on one server using Cloudways. By using a WordPress plugin, I will demonstrate how to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. Let’s begin.

  • What is MainWP?
  • MainWP Review

What is the MainWP Plugin?

MainWP is a plugin developed by Dennis Dornon and his team that manages multiple individual WordPress installations from a single dashboard. It is different from the WordPress multisite where a single WordPress installation controls multiple sub-sites.

MainWP is ideal for agencies that are responsible to manage a number of the client’s WordPress sites. It eliminates the hassle of logging into each and every dashboard separately.

Let’s review the plugin in detail.

MainWP Plugin Review

Installation and Configuration

Below are some of the most prominent features that MainWP offers:

  • Connect Unlimited WordPress Sites
  • 1-click Admin Access
  • Multiple Backup Solutions
  • Plugin, Theme, and Users Management from a single instance
  • Effortless Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security and Vulnerability Checks and Fixes
  • Self-hosted and Open Source
  • And a lot more.

– Install and Activate the Plugin

There are two types of MainWP plugin.
1. MainWP Dashboard: Install the MainWP Dashboard plugin to a website that you want to be the control room for all the connected WordPress sites.
2. MainWP Child: To connect a WordPress site to the main dashboard website, you need to install the MainWP Child plugin on it.

Before we dig into the MainWP features, let’s install the MainWP Dashboard plugin first. I would suggest installing it on a WordPress website, which you will not use for any other purpose. Keep it separate! In my case, I will install it on Website 1.
Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins -> Add New, search for MainWP Dashboard, install and activate it. Once done, it will ask you to configure the plugin to manage multiple



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