Managed Cloud Hosting With Cloudways Has Been a GameChanger for Our Customers – Andre Gagnon

Managed Cloud Hosting With Cloudways Has Been a Game-Changer for Our Customers - Andre Gagnon

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I’m Andre Gagnon – a designer, developer, and digital entrepreneur. I’ve built a successful web business, theme shop, and I’m currently the full-time founder of ProjectHuddle, a WordPress plugin for dead-simple client feedback.

Selling themes and plugins for over a decade has given me a unique experience with hosting because you end up helping thousands of customers on hundreds of different WordPress servers. It’s a safe bet to say that I’ve worked with more hosts than the average person in our industry!

ProjectHuddle, A WordPress plugin for client feedback and approval.

ProjectHuddle, A WordPress plugin for client feedback and approval.

Saying Goodbye to Trade-Offs With Cloudways

Up until Cloudways, I’ve made difficult trade-offs when choosing a web host. You can either choose a fully-managed solution, which often meant giving up a lot of control and flexibility, or you could go directly through cloud providers, like DigitalOcean, which involves configuring everything yourself. That’s way too much technical debt for an average freelancer or agency.

This is why I was simply blown away when I first came across Cloudways.

It’s everything I wanted in a host – the speed and ease of traditional managed hosting paired with the flexibility that you don’t typically find on managed hosting. Hands-down, there’s no other hosting provider that has the speed, ease, and flexibility that Cloudways offers.

ProjectHuddle and Cloudways Are a Perfect Match

We find that our customers on Cloudways have far fewer support needs because Cloudways has everything you need to run ProjectHuddle and WordPress successfully. Here are some of our must-haves for running ProjectHuddle, and Cloudways ticks all the boxes:

Things always load lightning-fast on Cloudways servers – even without any tweaks. Plus, there’s never any lag or slowness when adding comments, approving pages, or resolving issues. All this happens instantly thanks to their fine-tuned



This article was written by Mustaasam Saleem and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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