Meet Our Leaders: AnneMieke Bovelett

Meet Our Leaders: Anne-Mieke Bovelett | Elementor

When asked about her most memorable moment, Anne-Mieke states that being a Community Leader means having one memorable moment after the next. She admits that the Elementor community hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but the bumpy patches have reinforced her resolve and belief in it.

In fact, Anne-Mieke’s journey to becoming an Elementor Community Leader has been a rocky and colorful one. It started in 2012 when Anne-Mieke’s parental home burned down. This was particularly disastrous, as the house also served as the family’s bed and breakfast.

Anne-Mieke put her own business on hold and focused on helping her mother rebuild the home and family business. “It became our business together,” Anne-Mieke says. The stress of the situation took its toll. After a stark warning from her cardiologist, Anne-Mieke found the motivation to change her lifestyle completely. She ditched 82lbs and discovered an entirely new outlook on life. “I now live life, instead of life living me,” she says. 

With a newfound passion for health and nutrition, Anne-Mieke started a food blog because she wanted to share her knowledge with the world. It all goes back to her mantra: creating is fun, teaching others how to successfully create is bliss. “The same goes for great food!” she says. 

It was Anne-Mieke’s food blog that introduced her to Elementor. When developing her blog, Anne-Mieke wished to display her recipes using custom fields, and wanted to export her data into a JSON script to generate rich snippets. 

Anne-Mieke realized how easy it is to display dynamic data from custom fields using Elementor — and the rest is history! Today, she still lists this as her favorite Elementor feature.

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This article was written by Nofar Ben Dror Paecht and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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