How to Fix Your Membership Website’s Speed with Kinsta APM Tool

membership website speed

Monitoring a membership website’s speed and performance is trickier than that of a simple WordPress site. If you haven’t configured your membership site correctly to scale, you’ll soon find yourself entangled with slow page loads, 500 errors, and regular downtimes. Those are a strict no-no to keep your members happy and your site’s churn rate low.

You can follow dos and don’ts for running membership sites efficiently, ensuring that you’ve optimized your site to run at optimal performance. However, because of their increased complexity, when you run into any performance issue with a membership site, it’s challenging to fix them quickly. That’s where a purpose-built APM tool like Kinsta APM can be super handy.

In this article, you’ll learn about the various components of a WordPress membership site, why you need an APM tool to monitor your membership website’s speed and performance, and how you can use Kinsta APM to do just that.

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Various Components of a Membership Site

In many ways, a membership site’s complexity is like that of a WooCommerce store. They both serve a lot of uncacheable content to users, owing to their personalization features such as user accounts, third-party integrations, checkouts, and more.

A typical WordPress Membership site stack

A membership site can come in many flavors. It could be a simple blog site with some content restricted only for its members, or it could be a highly complex course-based site built with a Learning Management System (LMS). It can also be a forum where members can discuss different topics.

No matter the exact use case, the common thread weaving different membership sites is a community where they can all connect and belong.

Graphical representation of the usual components of membership sites

Usual components of membership sites

Typically, a WordPress membership site has restricted content, checkouts with payment gateways (including subscriptions or recurring payments), automated emails, coupons, exclusive videos, and downloadable content.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and so is the performance of a membership site. With so many links to go around, a performance problem can arise anywhere and at any time. Responding to such issues quickly and efficiently is essential to keep your members stay and grow your community.

Kinsta APM helps you do precisely that, aiding you to fix performance issues on WordPress sites straightaway. It’s built to monitor the performance of WordPress sites thoroughly, including membership sites hosted at kinsta.

Benefits of Using Kinsta APM Tool for Membership Sites

Your membership site’s performance metrics can have a significant impact on



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