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How to Migrate a WooCommerce Multisite to a Single WordPress Store - WP Mayor

Migrating a WordPress Multisite network to a single website is tricky business. It doesn’t get any easier when you also have WooCommerce installed.

While there are many great tutorials online that describe how to switch Multisite to a single site, there don’t seem to be any that include WooCommerce.

It’s even more difficult if you need to make a subsite into a standalone WordPress online store with a different domain name.

Not to worry!

Here’s how to move a WooCommerce Multisite subsite with two domains to a single WooCommerce site that has one domain name.

Before You Get Started

It’s crucial that you back up your entire Multisite installation before you get started with making the switch from a WooCommerce Multisite to a single installation. This includes all the WordPress files and database tables.

It’s also helpful to place your site into maintenance mode so your visitors don’t experience errors while you make the change. Your visitors won’t be able to use your site temporarily which helps prevent errors.

If something goes wrong along the way, you can restore your Multisite network from the backup and try again.

There are many maintenance mode plugins out there and WP Maintenance Mode is a popular option.

There are also many suitable backup plugins such as BlogVault, BackupBuddy, or Codeguard. Alternatively, your hosting provider may even provide daily automated backups. If you’re not sure if this is an option, contact your host.

Once that’s done and dusted, you’re ready to migrate your WooCommerce Multisite.

1. Download the Database

In a WooCommerce Multistore, certain tables are duplicated for each site in the network.

To migrate one site in the Multistore, you need to export the corresponding set of tables for that subsite.

For example, if the subsite ID is 2, you need to copy the tables that begin with “wp_2_”. Additionally, you also need to export the user tables.

Export the subsite tables that you want to migrate to a single site.

To export the tables, log into phpMyAdmin and click on your site’s database in the menu on the left. Then click Export.

Keep all the tables checked including your subsite’s ID. In the above example, it’s the tables with “_2_” in the names.

Unselect all other tables except for the wp_users and wp_usermeta tables.

Export the subsite tables that you want to migrate to a single siteKeep the users and usermeta tables checked.




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