How to Minify JavaScript — Recommended Tools and Methods

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Most users desire an elegant web browsing experience, and JavaScript has long been a favorite for developers to deliver this elevated experience.

However, JavaScript isn’t only there to make sites look nicer. It also directly influences the website’s performance and success. Speeding up a website or cutting down the page loading time — two concepts that are core to JavaScript development — are crucial factors for improving user experience.

If you’re looking to enhance your website’s performance within the shortest period, you ​need to get familiar with JavaScript minification. It will help you exclude all the unnecessary characters from your JavaScript source code without altering its functionality. What’s more, it’ll reduce your website’s loading time and bandwidth usage.

JavaScript minification can be tricky. In this article, we’ll chart a course to assist you in minifying your JavaScript code for WordPress and non-WordPress websites.

If you’re looking to enhance your website’s performance within the shortest period, you need to get familiar with JavaScript minification. ✅ Learn more in this guide ⬇️Click to Tweet

What Is JavaScript?

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JavaScript is a text-oriented scripting language for creating interactive websites on both the client and server sides. It’s a simpler and less complex language to learn than most, which explains its widespread use.

Whereas HTML and CSS build a website’s structure, JavaScript adds complex features that bring interactivity to your website to engage the users. For example, JavaScript offers complex elements such as scrolling video jukebox, 2D/3D videos, and interactive maps.

Notably, web browsers can understand JavaScript. Hence, alongside HTML and CSS, it’s a proficient choice to pick if you’re interested in web development. If you need to create a highly interactive website that runs in all browsers without any obstruction, then JavaScript is the most dependable option you can employ.


Kinsta customers can quickly minify JavaScript and CSS files through their MyKinsta dashboard.

What Is Code Minification?

Minification is also known as minimization. Code minification means optimizing code to save space, reduce page load times, and lower website bandwidth usage. However, the biggest concern is to minimize the code without altering the functionality.

Code minification is possible in all core programming technologies, including HTML, CSS, and — as we’re about to see — JavaScript. However, the process isn’t instantaneous. Some work goes into making code more compact while keeping it functional.

To minify JavaScript code, you must parse it, compress it, and get the output. Once it’s been minified, it should be almost unreadable to the naked eye. You’ve removed all the unnecessary



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