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Looking for free CSS templates for your next project? Here you will find the best CSS templates ever released to the public completely for free.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the skin of your WordPress website or any site. The CSS decides how your website appears, the style and the look of your site. Even when you intended to do some website template customizations, most of the time the tweaks are done in the CSS section only.

Websites have evolved a lot from the first website born at CERN. The modern website templates give you a lot of interactive features, thanks to the updated CSS3. In the new modern CSS website templates, you get trendy design styles like;

  • Rounded corners
  • Shadow effects
  • Colorful gradients
  • Multi-column design layouts
  • Cool web fonts

If you are searching for trendy website templates with all the updated looks, then this list of free CSS website templates is for you.

Divi (WordPress)

Divi is probably one of the most complete and all-around site canvases out there. After all, any user can benefit from it. No matter if you are just starting out or you are an experienced web developer, Divi suits both and then some.

Moreover, with the array of over one hundred full website kits, you know you will find something that will spark your interest. In fact, the one demo that intrigues you, you might find yourself using exactly as is. Let’s face it, all the samples are already active websites, just stuff them with your details and information and you are ready to roll.

Moreover, Divi also includes a page builder which unlocks even more options and possibilities. Along with that, you will discover a horde of extensions, elements and impressive customization capabilities. Whether you would like to build one or a hundred different pages, with Divi, you can successfully do them all.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

75 Modern & Free CSS Website Templates 2020 - Colorlib 1

Jevelin will instantly build confidence in you when you decide to make a page all on your own. Yes, you! Note that you will not need to write a single line of code when setting up an online presence for your project or business. When you employ the powerful and practical Jevelin and the simplicity of dragging and dropping, you will quickly have complete web design set up to go live.

To kick things off like a champ, choose one from over thirty demos and start on the right path. Each layout is entirely editable with WPBakery page builder. The latter also gives you a chance to come up with custom layouts, specially designed for your niche. Of course, Jevelin also sports all the latest trends, making



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