Monthly Template Kits #7: The Photography Site Kit –

Monthly Template Kits #7: The Photography Site Kit - Elementor

When visitors are evaluating your photography collection, they want to understand how your different collections and projects relate to one another. 

This is your chance to introduce your style and personality as a photography expert. Is there a certain genre or topic that comes up a lot in your work? Are there specific photography methods and styles that you are an expert in? 

Think of how you can organize and present your work in ways that give visitors a sense of your specialties, your hobbies, and anything that shows your professional character. 

When designing our template, we choose a black background that creates a sharp contrast between the colorful creations of nature that we show. This photographer decided to focus on his expertise in lighting effects and capturing different elements of color. 

As our viewer scrolls down the page, the black background is constant, so the only transition effect is through the photo’s focused object, and his eyes pay very little attention to the background throughout the page. 

Images are the most important element in a photographer’s portfolio website. That is what visitors want to see in full view, and that is what defines the photographer’s professional and artistic value. 

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