Monday Motivation: What Holds You Back?

facing fear

“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” – anonymous

What holds you back from reaching your success? The answer to that question may be closer than you realize.

The swimming events in the 2008 Summer Olympics were going to be epic. Michael Phelps seemed poised to break the record Mark Spitz had set over 35 years prior (in 1972, Spitz won 7 gold medals – all in world record times). You can move you to where you want to go, or you can hold yourself back. The choice is yours.

The buzz around Phelps had been building, and every news story seemed to focus on whether or not he would manage to win more than Spitz’s 7. 

In the midst of all the buzz, one newscaster stopped to interview another swimmer who would be facing Phelps in one of his runs. 

“How do you face a swimmer who seems so focused on winning gold?”

The response of the swimmer said everything. “I’m just trying to get second.” He had already given up on beating Phelps and winning gold. He was willing to settle for second place.

The mind plays a powerful role in whether you win or whether you lose – either in an Olympic race or in business (or anywhere in between). If you think you can, then you can. If you think you can’t, then you won’t.

The only thing standing between you and your success looks back at you from the mirror every day. You can move you to where you want to go, or you can hold yourself back. The choice is yours.

What Holds You Back?


Fear holds you back from reaching your success. It tells you that you can’t or won’t. But fear is often False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s an apparition, a mirage, or a delusion concocted to stop you in your tracks. 

Fear comes in many forms and more shapes than you can shake a stick at. It’s the creeping sensation you get on the back of your neck, the turning in your stomach, or the loss of breath. When you are facing down the false fear, you have to revert back to what you know.

You have the skills. You’ve been training and planning for this. You know what to do, so get to the edge and jump.

You have the focus. You set the goals and mapped out a strategy for reaching your goals. You know where you are headed, so step.

You have the resources. You’ve gathered the people, the finances, and the additional resources you need to move forward, so move.

facing fear


Doubt makes you second guess your abilities or your training, even when your conscious mind knows you have invested what is necessary to do what needs to be done. Ultimately, doubt is the



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