Get Movin’: Migrate Your Website with Shipper WordPress Migration Plugin

Get Movin’: Migrate Your Website with Shipper WordPress Migration Plugin

Moving can be stressful. You’re packing up all of your belongings, cleaning, tying up loose ends, and doing everything you can to ensure the move will go smoothly.

That goes for moving to a new home, office, or host. Luckily, migrating from host to host in WordPress can be an easy process. And you don’t even need to hire movers or rent a van.

In this article, pack your bags, because I’ll be moving you through the process of migrating to a new host.

This was the scene when WPMU DEV started hosting. Dev Man quickly left the old one.

We’ll be going over why to migrate in the first place, prepping for a move, the steps during the moving process, and more.

By the time you trek through this post, you’ll be ready to move your WordPress site into its new host home.

Every hosting company is different, so in this article, I’ll show you how our Shipper WordPress migration plugin can really help simplify this process through automation.

I’ll also explain the process of migrating a site to our WPMU DEV hosting using our built-in WordPress migration tool.

Even if you don’t host with WPMU DEV, the tips provided in this article apply to most hosting providers. This includes knowing what specific hosting information they’ll need to provide you with (which I’ll cover later) so you can complete the move.

Why It’s Great to Migrate

There are many reasons to consider migrating to a new host. Some of these might not be so obvious.

For example, let’s say you sign up for a web hosting company that promises the world in bandwidth, space, and support.

As time goes on, you see the service wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Your online traffic is picking up but your hosting can’t handle your users.

You need certain applications to run on your server but your host won’t allow it unless you upgrade to a more expensive plan. You have questions that support can’t answer, or aren’t answering promptly.

Meanwhile, the problem hasn’t gone away.

All this can impact your business and cost you time and money. All you wanted was to get your site up and running and get on with your business. Now you’re dealing with technical issues you don’t understand and getting frustrated and impatient.

Or, maybe you’re starting fresh (a first-time homeowner). You’ve just developed a site locally and it needs a fresh new home.

It’s not technically migrating from host to host but you’re migrating to a new site, now that it’s ready to launch.

Sometimes price or ease of use is a factor. Sometimes, you need a hosting company that offers way more than just hosting.

Like support, for example. Or access to hosting management features that put you in complete control of your site.

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The point being, you



This article was written by Nathanael Fakes and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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