Musubu IP Threat Blocker Review: A Simple WordPress Firewall

Musubu IP Threat Blocker Review: A Simple WordPress Firewall

If you want to secure your WordPress site, a firewall is a great way to stop malicious actors before they can damage or spam your site.

Firewalls play a key role in most of the popular WordPress security plugins. But some of the existing firewalls out there are tough to set up, are pricey, and/or come with a bunch of other features that you may or may not want.

In our Musubu IP Threat Blocker review, we’ll take a look at a new WordPress security plugin that offers an affordable and dead simple way to protect your WordPress site with a firewall.

Musubu IP Threat Blocker Review: How Does It Work?

Musubu IP Threat Blocker is a WordPress application firewall (or WAF). Essentially, what this means is that when someone/something tries to connect to your WordPress site, Musubu IP Threat Blocker will analyze that IP address before it’s allowed to access your site.

If it’s a normal human visitor, they’ll just see your site as they normally would. But if it’s a malicious visit — like a spam bot — Musubu IP Threat Blocker will block that visit so that it can’t try to attack you, spam you, etc.

One of the key differentiators between Musubu and other WordPress security plugins is its simplicity. It’s super easy to set up, while still letting you connect to a smart API service to score incoming threats.

In contrast, some of the other simple firewalls that you find at are just a static set of rules, rather than tools that actually score individual IP addresses.

How Does Musubu IP Threat Blocker Detect Bad Traffic?

In order to determine whether an IP address is safe or not, Musubu IP Threat Blocker connects to the Musubu API.

The Musubu API then analyzes and scores each IP address to detect potential threats.

By default, the plugin will do this automatically. But if you want more control, you can also target specific threat levels or countries with the firewall.

Hands-On: How to Set Up IP Threat Blocker

Setting up Musubu’s IP Threat Blocker is super easy, which is one of the appeals of the plugin.

Once you install and activate the plugin, pretty much the only thing you need to do to start securing your site is get your Masubu API key.

You can get your API key from the Musubu IP Threat Blocker website. Then, all you need to do is enter the email associated with your API key in your WordPress dashboard:

Musubu IP Threat Blocker Review of setings



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