One Night Without Sleep Can Really Affect Your Body –

One Night Without Sleep Can Really Affect Your Body

Many important processes take place in the body during sleep. Not sleeping for one night can therefore already have an impact on your abilities and well-being. To make sure you are in top shape to enjoy online casino nz, read the following recommendations.

How much sleep a person needs is completely individual, because the need for sleep is determined by our inner clock, which is genetically determined. Some people get by on six hours of sleep a night, while others need eight or more to wake up feeling rested. But even if you’re a short sleeper who’s still fit as a fiddle in the morning, you’ll feel the effects of a sleepless night.

Why Every Night Counts

Not sleeping one night has a direct effect on your body, because it needs sleep to regenerate.

Not sleeping for a single night can already negatively impact various aspects of your physical and mental health, because sleep is responsible for so many vital functions in the body:

During sleep:

  • the neuronal network in the brain regenerates,
  • information from the waking state is processed and stored in memory,
  • growth hormones are released, which support body growth and regeneration,
  • the heart rate and blood pressure decrease,
  • the immune system is strengthened by the increased presence of defense cells,
  • the metabolism runs at full speed, energy stores are replenished,
  • metabolic waste products are removed from the brain.
  • Sleep is not only important for physical rest and regeneration, but also for memory formation and learning, a strong immune system and the regulation of metabolic processes. So we need sleep – and we need it every night.

Not Sleeping One Night: What Happens?

Not sleeping one night can lead to cravings for fast food.

Skipping a night’s rest throws our whole system into disarray. According to sleep physician Anna Heidbreder in the Utopia interview, spending a night without sleep already has a noticeable effect:

“In fact, even one night without sleep significantly increases your risk of catching a cold virus the next day. People who are vaccinated have been shown to make fewer antibodies when they don’t sleep. It is also said that you have an alertness like 0.5 per mille when you drive your car after a night’s service.”


Other effects of a sleepless night:

  • Neurocognitive functions: Your ability to process information deteriorates. Long-term memory is impaired, attention span shortens, and you perform tasks more carelessly.
  • Sensitivity to stimuli: The brain is less able to distinguish important from unimportant stimuli. Loud noises and beeps can thus cause greater stress.
  • Behavioral changes: Not sleeping one night puts you in a bad mood? Not necessarily, because according to scientists: inside, sleep deprivation can also lead to euphoria. However, this is accompanied by an increased willingness to take risks. It also makes you less able to concentrate, slower to react to unforeseen events, and more easily irritable.
  • Immune deficiency: There is evidence that sleep deprivation can make you sick in both the short and long term. People who sleep less than six or seven hours a night have an increased risk of infection. Accordingly, after 24 hours completely without sleep, the immune system is also much less effective at fighting off disease. Certain immune cells work more slowly and the immune system is not as good at remembering already known pathogens, which weakens your defense mechanisms.
  • Cravings for unhealthy foods: Lack of sleep can cause the hormone ghrelin to be released. This not only signals feelings of hunger to the brain, but also influences the reward center. This can result in an increased craving for high-calorie and unhealthy foods, especially fast food.


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