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Why You Need An Online Booking System - WP Mayor

You have a tried and tested method of doing business; an office management system, full of spreadsheets that everyone can keep a track of. So why do you need an online booking system?

There are many myths about moving to an online booking system – from it being too expensive, to the learning curve being steep. In reality, this could not be farther from the truth.

In this article, we will compare just some of the tasks (an actual list would be too long to read!) that an online booking system simplifies for you, at the same (if not lesser) cost, and with the flexibility to handle uncertainties and customizations in your business that you may have not even thought of.

Outlining Business Tasks

A business can be of any type: a rental, one which sells physical products, virtual products in wholesale or retail, situated locally or globally.

Spreadsheets, no matter which program you use, were a definite upgrade from physical pen and paper. But as the world goes increasingly online, as people shop online now more than ever, it is necessary to update that model. Having a business website alone is not enough, indeed that is a two-decade-old practice. What you want is the benefits of a spreadsheet on your own website.

Each of these tasks would get more and more complicated if you tried to add more products or different kinds of products. In a multimedia world, your storefront also has to reflect that dynamism.

Enter the online booking system.

The Better Way To Do Things

An online booking system is a one-stop, centralized booking management that integrates neatly with your WordPress content management system to transform your website into a fully functional portal.

Product Category 

Let’s take the example of a salon. There are several ‘products’ such as mani-pedi, haircuts, waxing, polishing, hair styling, makeup, spa, etc, offered as services, across several times of the day.

In a spreadsheet, you would have to enter many orders for each service, check who is available and when, and if they were booked for a time slot before you give the customer booking confirmation.

In an online booking system, you would only have to set up these details once. As soon as a customer makes a booking, changes will automatically be reflected in your booking system.

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This article was written by Vishal Kothari and originally published on WP Mayor.

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