11 Online Business Ideas With Zero Or Minimal Investment


Are you looking for online business ideas without investment?

There are a plethora of businesses you can start online and make profits. Thanks to the Internet that has given us so many opportunities.

Unlike a brick and mortar business, you don’t need a lot of investment upfront to start an online business. In fact, there are so many online business ideas that require zero investment.

So if you’re someone who is looking to start an online business with zero or less investment, this post is exclusively for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn;

  • 11 of the most practical business ideas that you can implement online
  • Tips and strategies to make profits from those businesses and
  • Some practical examples along the way

So are you ready to find out the zero investment business ideas? Let’s get started.

Top 11 Online Business Ideas Without Investment To Try In 2020

1. Start A Blog

There’s a reason why we put starting a blog #1 in the list of best online business ideas. The reason is this: it’s the BEST way to create a brand and make profits online.

Although you can start a blog for free, we don’t recommend that. If you’re starting a blog as a business, you need to invest in the essential things like;

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • Few tools such as email marketing, SEO tools etc

Let’s break down the above things so you’ll know how much investment you need to start a blog.

  • Domain name (cost $10 to $15 a year)
  • Web hosting (shared hosting plans usually cost you under $70 per year)
  • Tools (depending on your budget, they can go from $10/mo to $100/mo or even more)

So basically, you just need around $100 a year to start a blog. It’s not a big deal if you know the true potential of blogging.

In fact, I’m a live example as I’m a full-time blogger who is earning more than $10K per month from this blog Bloggers Passion. You can read my Bloggers Passion journey where you can find all the details.

Here’s the earning report of Bloggers Passion for the year 2019-20

earning report of Bloggers Passion

Within 10 years of my blogging journey, I went from $0 to earning $10,000+



This article was written by Anil Agarwal and originally published on BloggersPassion: Learn SEO Blogging with An Expert.

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