How to Get a Perfect Score on Google PageSpeed Insights and Give Your Site’s Performance a Boost –

How to Get a Perfect Score on Google PageSpeed Insights and Give Your Site's Performance a Boost - WP Pluginsify

Websites are important, we can all agree on that. Most people search for everything online these days, from products to services, even tips and ideas for traveling.

Let’s say you are a website owner or a marketer trying to improve sales and generate more revenue for your company. You know that you need to do everything you can to improve the user experience and make your website visually appealing to your visitors. Luckily, there are lots of tools and options out there to help you with that. Therefore, you should use performance-enhancing tools (some of them we will mention further down in the article) to make sure you are optimizing your site in the right way.

For example, you can use the Speed Scorecard to see how fast your mobile site is, or you can use the Impact Calculator to calculate the potential revenue and the opportunity of earning higher revenue once you improve your site speed.

There is a lot of guidance out there published by Google about performance and different data regarding performance. The goal is to show website owners and developers the importance of constantly updating their site and making sure it is working properly. However, there are some misconceptions about website performance in general.

For example, user experience cannot be captured by a single metric, which is why PageSpeed analyses several metrics to create a page score that you can later use to optimize your site for a better experience. Also, real-world performance varies a lot due to some differences in devices, network connections, and other factors that depend on the external environment for each user. That is why you need to calibrate your environment to test different conditions and use different parameters, such as mobile and desktop, or 3G and 4G.

What is Google PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed is a performance index of your webpage, and there are two types of PageSpeed indexes: desktop and mobile. Mobile, being the more popular device type for viewing sites, has stricter rules for performance. Also, PageSpeed Insights gives you some suggestions that you can then use to improve your webpage.

There are two types of data being used when analyzing your site, lab and field data. Lab data is useful for debugging and fixing performance issues but may not portray the real-world data very well. Field data, on the other hand, is used to portray the true and real-world experience. However, it comes with a more limited set of metrics and limited debugging capabilities.

PageSpeed is an important metric to analyze and keep an eye on as it is a performance metric. And we all know that performance affects user experience, retention rates, and conversion rates. Similarly, this will have an effect on your site’s performance and customers as well.

There is a lot of research being



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