Perfmatters vs. Asset CleanUp – What’s The Difference?

Perfmatters vs. Asset CleanUp - What's The Difference?

Deciding between Perfmatters and Asset CleanUp?

The main difference between Perfmatters vs. Asset CleanUp is the complexity. While both plugin’s primary feature is a script manager for selectively disabling CSS and JavaScript, Asset CleanUp has significantly more settings than Perfmatters does, which can make it confusing.

Asset CleanUp’s interface just isn’t as clean as Perfmatters.

You should consider how each plugin’s features overlap with your cache plugin and which optimizations will improve your speed testing reports (e.g. GTmetrix and Lighthouse). If your cache plugin minifies and combines CSS + JavaScript, you won’t need this in Asset CleanUp.  If your cache plugin has lazy load and database cleanup options, you won’t need it in Perfmatters.

I ended up settling on Perfmatters, but both plugins have excellent reviews. If you’re still not sure, you can see which one most people use in Facebook Groups and their unbiased feedback.


1. What Most People Use In Facebook Groups

I always like to include Facebook Group feedback to keep my reviews less biased.




Perfmatters clearly has a better UI, but some people say Asset CleanUp Pro can do more than Perfmatters. However, if you’re already using WP Rocket, this plugin already does takes care of some features included in Asset CleanUp Pro – like inline JavaScript and render-blocking CSS.


2. Perfmatters vs. Asset CleanUp – User-Friendliness

Perfmatters is more user-friendly.

Asset CleanUp has lots of tabs, text, and long descriptions in each setting. Perfmatters is concise and was clearly created with design in mind (it was developed by Kinsta after all).

This is the #1 difference between the two plugins.




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