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How to Personalize WooCommerce for Your Most Valued Customers

As a business owner every customer is special. Because at the end of the day, a customer = revenue. But out of your pool of customers, you should be able to identify those who sit above the rest.

These are not your one-time buyers. These are customers who either purchase in bulk, are a source of recurring revenue, or influence referrals to come your way. Let’s call them your most valued customers – because, well, they are! They can increase your profit graph exponentially provided, you keep them happy.

So how do you go about doing that? You’re about to find out!

Personalized Messaging

A sure-fire trend that’s picking up this year is smart content! What’s smart content you ask? It’s content that is personalized to your customer’s needs.

Smart content employs dynamic content to display messages, call-to-actions, etc instead of the boring old static content. This adds to user experience. Your long-time customers would certainly be happy if content appealed to them directly.

“Personalized content is known to perform better than generic content, because it appeals to a customer’s emotions.”

Here’s an example.

Instead of a general “Hello there” message, a “Hello {customer-name}”, works better. There are tools that can help you identify your valued clients and display such tailored content to them.

Going one-up on your WooCommerce store, personalization would also include showing recommended products based on their purchase or browsing history.


How do you go about adding personalized content to your WooCommerce Store?

Special Pricing

Quite obvious isn’t it? Everyone likes a good deal. But more than that everyone likes feeling special.

It works like this: running a storewide discount can help you improve sales, but offering special pricing to certain customers will keep them coming back to you for more.

Your top-tier customers want to know that there is value in buying from you. And you can reinforce this thought by offering them personalized pricing. There are two ways to go about this:

  1. Quantity Based Pricing: works perfectly for your wholesale buyers. More savings for customers who purchase a higher quantity of products
  2. Membership Level Based Pricing: for your loyal customers. The higher the membership level, the more the discount

Role Based Pricing


You can set up quantity based pricing or customer/group/role based pricing using:

Offers and Discounts

WooCommerce allows you to set sale prices and even schedule sales. But go one step ahead for your special customers



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