Are You a Plugin Hoarder? How to Clean Up Your WordPress Site

Are You a Plugin Hoarder? How to Clean Up Your WordPress Site

Are you a plugin hoarder? Think about it for a minute. At first sounds a little ridiculous, and of course you’re not one of them. But with hundreds of WordPress “experts” recommending new plugins each and every week, it’s no wonder that some websites and webmasters end up a bit… over-equipped for the task at hand. Half the time the plugin comes with damn near a guarantee that it will positively affect your bottom line in some way, and if it’s free, it can be hard to say no.

I would know, I have installed and tried nearly every social sharing plugin there is. I’d rather not admit it, but I’m pretty sure I did it in hopes that an audience would appear out of virtually thin air with a little push from the right plugin. And I know I’m not the only one either.

The 7 Warning Signs You Are a WordPress Plugin Hoarder

If any of the warning signs ring a bell, chances are your WordPress site could use some spring cleaning. Keep reading to see how you can speed up WordPress by removing unused plugins.

1. You Have No Idea What Half Your Plugins Do

The whole reason for having a plugin installed is to actually use it, and if you not only don’t use half your plugins, but can’t even remember what they’re supposed to do for your website, this is a bad sign that you might be a plugin hoarder.

2. You Can’t Update WordPress Because of Your Outdated Plugins

Not only does this stop you from having access to new functionality from the WordPress updates themselves, it can also mean that you have to refrain from updating plugins or your theme because it is no longer compatible with your old version of WordPress.

3. You Have More Plugins Than Pieces of Content, and Your Website Is More Than a Few Weeks Old

Not always relevant, but is usually a good indication that you might possibly have gone a little overboard.

4. Keeping Your Plugins Updated Is Rapidly Becoming a Full-Time Job and You Actually Hired Someone To Do It

At least now you have someone on board that can do the clean-up for you, although they might be reluctant if they realize they will be reducing if not eliminating their work hours completely.

5. You Have Several Clunky “Heavy-Duty” Multi-Functional Plugins You Only Use for One or Two Functions

Sometimes fewer does not mean better, or faster. Sometimes it’s better to have a few lighter plugins do the same job.

6.  You Still Have Plugins That You “Traded in for a Better One”

Sometimes it can be easy to forget to remove the old when the new and better comes in. The good news is that as long as they are inactive, at least they are only taking up space in the back-end. The bad news is that it’s clogging up your plugin directory, and that it can be indicative of a worse and more damaging situation.

7. You Have Plenty of Plugins Installed That “You Will Surely Have a Use for Some Day”




This article was written by Ragnar Terjeson Miljeteig and originally published on WPExplorer.

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