10 Most Popular and Best Free WordPress Themes in 2020

10 Most Popular and Best Free WordPress Themes in 2020

If you’d like to get yourself a fresh and beautiful theme for 2020, then this roundup is for you! These are the most popular and best free WordPress themes in the market. And we really do mean it! ?

Here’s how this list came to be:

First, we went to the official theme directory at WordPress.org and looked through the top 20-30 themes from the “popular” tab. We removed all themes that had less than 100 reviews.

The remaining themes we installed on a test site, added some demo content and tested the performance via Pingdom Tools. Everything with “less than stellar” results got scratched from the list.

What we ended up with – and what you can see in the following list – are only the very best free WordPress themes in the market (ordered by popularity).

? Shortcut: see our top 3 theme recommendations here

These are the top 10 most popular and best free WordPress themes you can get in 2020:

10 best free WordPress themes for 2020

Twenty Seventeen

Oh yes, indeed. Sorry if this seems obvious, but Twenty Seventeen really has proven to stand the test of time. It’s the default WordPress theme from “two themes ago,” but it’s still quite appreciated by the WordPress community, being the most popular default theme to date.

What we like particularly about this theme is that it delivers a simple presentation, while also letting you implement some basic branding via the header image. The typography is very good, too, making it an excellent theme for a simple blogging or business project.

Total downloads: 4,919,808
Rating: 90 / 100 (106 reviews)

Performance grade: B 87
Page size: 507.1 KB
Requests: 44


Best free WordPress themes: Astra

Astra is one of the most popular and also one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes of today.

What sets it apart is that it’s a performance-oriented minimal theme that only gives you very basic features out the box, albeit in a very functional wrapper. You can pick which modules you need and activate/deactivate them accordingly.

Another advantage of Astra’s is that it’s compatible with the most popular page builders in the market (Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy). There are also starter sites available for each of the builders. All this means that you can build a website with Astra quickly, and then also customize it to fit your needs 100%. However, the out-the-box design of the theme isn’t



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