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HTML Resume Cv Website Templates

Instead of going the traditional way, get creative, and craft a stunning online presence with HTML resume & CV website templates. These templates act as a perfect complement to your resume or business card. Whether you are looking for a job or you are a freelancer, owning a personal website/resume will definitely make you appear even more professional.

Just like the classic CV, HTML resume website templates have all the quintessential sections, too. Your education, your skills, your experience, portfolio, etc., you can have it all featured on your CV site. Additionally, you can personalize the style and truly impress potential new clients or employers.

Start building a personal brand and really make a name for yourself. Easily point those interested in working with you to your online resume’s URL. Let them experience what is cooking over at your end in a fun and enticing way. Make it colorful or go very basic. Add special effects, animations, or keep it distraction-free. It is your choice how advanced and complex you want your online CV to be. But have one thing in mind, with HTML resume & CV website templates, you will stand out from the crowd with an expert-looking internet site.

Your inspiring work along with your out-of-the-box thinking can and will land you many new clients. Without further ado, create a personal website by using any of the below resume and CV website templates.

Best HTML Resume Templates


As a freelancer or job seeker, do yourself a favor and increase your potential with a website. Instead of sending out dull emails and CVs, take things to the next level with an online presence that will capture everyone’s attention in an instant. And with Divi, you can now establish an online resume or CV website quicker than ever. After all, Divi has all the layouts and material predefined and ready to use for you. Just choose what sparks your interest and you are ready to rock and roll.

Also, even if you have nothing to do with web development, you can still build a killer web space with Divi. Have in mind, you will never need to code to make moves online with Divi. Everyone can get as creative as they want without doing any of the programming work. It is the process of dragging and dropping that wins the day.

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20 Popular HTML Resume & CV Website Templates 2020 - Colorlib 1

Start your journey to success strong with a nifty page that will share all about your skills, talents and services. Instead of wondering how to make things happen, get your hands on Jevelin and dive all in. With Jevelin, you do not have to be an expert, heck, you need to have no experience with establishing pages whatsoever. You can be a complete beginner and still expect the outcome to be a real masterpiece. That’s what’s up when it comes to powerful features and functions of Jevelin.

In the Jevelin package, you will discover a whopping collection of demos and other handy amenities that will do you well. Indeed, Jevelin is also entirely responsive, perfectly adjusting to all devices for a flawless experience. Jevelin is as well optimized for speed, SEO and RTL languages out of the box.

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niko resume cv website template

Creating a killer, modern and sophisticated online resume website is easy with Niko. The final product will appear stunningly on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. Moreover, Niko is also perfectly in tune with all popular web browsers, as well as retina screens. It comes in dark and light modes and you can also pick between different predefined samples. There is a lot of opportunities you unlock yourself once you unbox Niko.

Present yourself in the best possible light online and finally make a difference. Along with pushing forward your resume, about and works sections, you can also use Niko for blogging. You can go on a more personal level with all your potential clients and employers or even use the blog for content marketing. Some more goodies include ACF Pro plugin, child theme, Contact Form 7, preloader and an option to create one- or multi-page website.

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kriativ resume cv website template

Kriativ is an all-around solution that offers you to building a first-class resume or CV website. With all the very many goods that it has in store, you can now bring into fruition an online presence that will trigger everyone’s curiosity. No need to be tech-savvy either, as there will be no coding necessary to make a page with Kriativ. It is the drag and drop method that ensures everyone gets the most out of the tool without a sweat. How cool does that sound?

Still, there is tons more to Kriativ.

The tool comes with an array of sample pages that you can mix and match and blend into an outcome that suits your signature style best. Beautiful portfolio layouts, blog section, online shop, you name it, Kriativ truly covers it all and then some.

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ukko resume cv website template

Ukko is a creative and contemporary tool for establishing an A-grade single-page website. If you would like to create a strong and memorable first impression, you better do things with the one and only, Ukko. It is mininal and it is sophisticated, the two main characteristics that will easily set you apart from the competition. And if you would like to spice things up and tailor the defualt settings to your liking, you can do that, too.

The layout of Ukko is fluid and responsive, reshaping to any modern device instantly. It is also compatible with popular web browsers and retina screens for an always smooth experience. Other specialties include smooth scrolling, parallax effects, child theme and effortless translation. One tool is all you need to get things moving forward on the internet and start making some noise. Make Ukko the one.

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leven resume cv website template

Creating a resume or a CV page is a little breeze with the right set of tools. In fact, you only really need Leven and all the rest becomes history. On top of that, you also do not need to have any experience with building websites due to the amazing beginner-friendliness of the tool. After all, there will be no coding involved even when it comes to modifying Leven and enriching it with your creative touch.

Kick things off by choosing between two main styles and go from there. You install the demo with a single click and already start tailoring it to your wants. Leven also comes with striking resume and portfolio layouts, over 37 shortcodes, professional support and frequent updates. Pricing and certificates sections are also integrated into the design for your convenience. Little work for extraordinary results, thanks to Leven.

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jonny html resume cv website template

Jonny is a one-page HTML website template for online resumes and CVs. It is a modern, clean and original way to showcase your skills, works and introduce yourself. Imagine employer getting a link to your personal website instead of a classic CV in a PDF. I know, right? That’s an entirely different story. But even if you are a freelancer, running a page can be of tremendous help. You can showcase your past and present projects and get those interested in working with you familiar with your work and process.

Due to the use of Bootstrap Framework, Jonny makes your websites mobile-friendly and simple to use and customize. It uses Google Fonts, Font Awesome and Linear icons, has an integrated contact form and social media icons. Moreover, Jonny is also fully translatable.

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ryan resume template

Ryan is a remarkable solution if you are looking for a web design that will help you build a CV or an online resume website. With the fantastic flexibility and extendability, you can quickly set up a compelling online presence that will help you win over new clients and employers. Also, you do not really need to be a pro at building pages, as Ryan comes with all the necessary layouts and elements for you to take to your advantage.

Other specialties of Ryan include but are not limited to six different color schemes, a dark layout, three background styles, RTL support, fast loading speed, CSS3 animations and a functional contact form. In the kit, you will also find blog pages, which you can employ for content marketing, as well as to give back to the community, by sharing tips, tricks and other useful contents. Last but not least, Ryan comes with documentation and 24/7 support, too, so you never feel lonely.

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arlo html resume cv website template

With irresistible design choices, Arlo is irrefutably a favorite among customers. This HTML resume CV website template offers a lot more than you can imagine. It has a ton of design elements that can harmonize with each other. All of them are integrated with advanced and intuitive technology. This wide range of visual options will suit any portfolio, which lets you showcase your skills accurately and stunningly. Besides, you can enhance the look of Arlo, too, and make it your own.

Arlo has taken care of the visual aspect of your online presence, so there’s nothing to worry. Optimize your website’s visibility by utilizing this template’s SEO friendly layout and march toward succeeding online. No wonder why users love this template. It has everything and then some to establish a sophisticated online portfolio or any other personal page.

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clarks html resume cv website template

Are you looking for an impressive design to effectively sell yourself to potential employers and clients? If yes is your answer, then choose Clarks as your website tool. This HTML resume CV website template is perfect for you. Made with standardized quality, Clarks has a lot to offer, from pages to core features. For one, it has virtually unlimited options to showcase a resume that resonates your style especially once you introduce your style to it.

Clarks also has features like popup preview, Google fonts, Font Awesome and ET lines icons and more. Clarks truly represents versatility like no other. With this, you can outshine the competition by a wide margin. And if you need any additional help and support feel free to contact customer support. Lastly, Clarks is based on Bootstrap Framework to ensure responsiveness and 100% mobile-readiness. On top of that, it is also cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly and search engines ready.

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artem html resume cv website template

Impress anyone in an instant with Artem. This HTML resume CV website template is perfect for any individual looking to boost his or her online presence. Artem comes with a clean and modern design that is easy to customize and comfortable to use. This minimalist site skin is also responsive so you can easily view it on any device and browser. You can choose from light and dark layouts (both are fantastic, by the way) and kick-start building your web space.

You can also make blog pages if you wish to promote your skill set in an in-depth manner. With Artem, you can have every feature you are looking for in a website. There are a total of fifteen pages in the bundle, as well as working subscription form, extensive documentation and cool animations. Try Artem now!

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portfolio html resume cv website template

Out of the box, Portfolio comes in two different variations, dark and light. Pick the one that suits you best and start editing it with your remarkable works and enviable talent. This HTML resume and CV website template helps you to stand out from the crowd in a persuading and original way. Impress everyone who ever lands on your page and have them hooked instantly. That will not be much of a problem if you go with Portfolio template. It does things in a noteworthy way for you to distinguish yourself from others effortlessly.

Portfolio is based on Bootstrap Framework and uses HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. It is a tool that makes your content shine online and luxuriates guests. The first impression you create with Portfolio, dark or light version, is a strong and impactful one.

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alpha html resume cv website template

Alpha gives you so many options when it comes to building a resume and CV website it is almost ridiculous. What’s more, each of the demos you find in the bundle is original, creative and out of this world. There is something for every taste. However, Alpha is also entirely customizable for you to edit it to your needs completely. Loads of home variations, several portfolio pages, pricing, blog, what else do you even need? Of course, there are tons of spectacular features and elements that decorate each demo for you to benefit from.

Responsive and retina ready, RTL support, contact form, free lifetime updates and swift support, there is no wrong in Alpha. Kick things off in insane style and craft a web presence for yourself others will longe for.

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paper html resume cv website template

Paper is pretty much for everyone. For business owners, mobile app builders, creative individuals, job seekers and the list goes on and on. In our case, yes, Paper can and will create you a marvelous online resume you are after. Just choose the demo and you can have a fully functional CV page all set up quickly. The demo rocks a split screen style of a layout where you can use a photo on one half of the page and add other useful information on the other.

Due to the use of all the modern and sophisticated technologies, Paper is a responsive and performance optimized website template. Using and editing, as well as maintaining it, will feel very natural to you. Even if you are a beginner site builder, Paper turns you into a professional in a snap.

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arcon html resume cv website template

Arcon is a creative and multi-purpose website template with twenty demos, regularly updated with new ones. In the bundle, Arcon also has a sleek personal resume demo with expertness written all over the design. Sticky left sidebar navigation, big banner with particle effect and call to action buttons welcome visitors in style. Animated skill bars, categorized portfolio and refreshing experience and education sliders, Arcon’s one-page website layout is packed with treats.

In general, Arcon is an HTML5 website template based on Bootstrap Framework what guarantees flexibility. You will also find the tool easy to customize and improve. But you can also use the resume and CV layout Arcon has available out of the box. Do your thing with Arcon and see the fantastic outcome you strive toward.

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Alpha Dot

alpha dot html resume cv website template

Some website templates are so big, versatile and adaptable, you can establish almost any site with them. Kick things off with Alpha Dot and feel comfortable enough to hammer out the required personal resume website. You can do it fast and reliable especially if you go with the out of the box version. The demo is of the highest quality anyway.

To look deeper in the Alpha Dot template, we need to list down some of its features. Only then, you will truly understand how capable it is. Still, it is the live preview that makes you appreciate the hard work that was put into the development of Alpha Dot. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Framework, twenty homes, 75 HTML files, parallax effect, animations and full-screen video background, doesn’t that tell you more than enough?

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unique html resume cv website template

Unique gives you a chane to advertise yourself, your services and your talent online. It is a premium HTML resume and CV website template which appears beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop. Meaning, it is responsive and retina display compatible. Ready-to-use content is at your service, ready for you to adjust it and customize it with your info.

Unique has a dark and light layout, three menu positions and six main colors. One-of-a-kind navigation through pages luxuriates your visitors and calls for a strong first impression. About, resume and portfolio pages are all designed and developed with a modern user in mind. On top of that, contact page has a convenient form so clients can get in touch with you right away. To set yourself apart, construct an online resume page with Unique template.

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moraco HTML resume cv website template

MORACO has all the features and extras you need and then some to create a one-of-a-kind vCard. Appear on the world wide web like a true expert or update your current page. Make it trendy and modern and a true attention grabber. All those who will flip through your online resume website will be astonished. Clean and to the point with cool animations for something exceptional. Save a ton of time by picking an HTML resume or CV website template which includes it all to meet your requirements.

With MORACO template, you are safe and equipped with a great product to start promoting yourself online. It comes with two layouts, one with a sidebar and the second one with a fixed header. Both look fantastic, it is only a matter of personal preferences. Either one you choose, you are good to go and ready to start improving it with your personal data.

A few other MORACO characteristics are SEO friendliness, Google fonts, Font Awesome icons, portfolio filter and more. And if that is not enough, it might be that the animations will do the trick both for you and the guest.

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penelope HTML resume cv website template

You definitely will not lack uniqueness with Penelope resume and CV website template. Make yourself known and spread your level of talent and education with the world. Supply all the needed information, stats and whatever else needed to gain chances for that awesome new job. Or a freelancing gig, whatever there is you do. Due to the Bootstrap framework and great coding, Penelope welcomes nearly any adjustment. Pick one from the two available layouts, His or Her, and begin bringing into being the most trendy personal online CV ever.

Penelope is mobile friendly and compatible with all the major and even those less popular browsers. A responsive timeline, a light gallery with video, and an Ajax contact form are just a handful of features you get. There is a ton more but the main reason why Penelope is one to give a go is how appealing to the eye it is. Sure, the originality plays a big role, too. Setting yourself up a brand new and fashionable online resume page is easy and fun. Plus, the impact will be much greater compared to sending out an email with the classic introduction. Go against the grain, do things like no one else in the industry is doing and become the one.

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