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HTML Resume Cv Website Templates

Instead of going the traditional way, get creative, and craft a stunning online presence with HTML resume & CV website templates. These templates act as a perfect complement to your resume or business card. Whether you are looking for a job or you are a freelancer, owning a personal website/resume will definitely make you appear even more professional.

Just like the classic CV, HTML resume website templates have all the quintessential sections, too. Your education, your skills, your experience, portfolio, etc., you can have it all featured on your CV site. Additionally, you can personalize the style and truly impress potential new clients or employers.

Start building a personal brand and really make a name for yourself. Easily point those interested in working with you to your online resume’s URL. Let them experience what is cooking over at your end in a fun and enticing way. Make it colorful or go very basic. Add special effects, animations, or keep it distraction-free. It is your choice how advanced and complex you want your online CV to be. But have one thing in mind, with HTML resume & CV website templates, you will stand out from the crowd with an expert-looking internet site.

Your inspiring work along with your out-of-the-box thinking can and will land you many new clients. Without further ado, create a personal website by using any of the below resume and CV website templates.

Best HTML Resume Templates


As a freelancer or job seeker, do yourself a favor and increase your potential with a website. Instead of sending out dull emails and CVs, take things to the next level with an online presence that will capture everyone’s attention in an instant. And with Divi, you can now establish an online resume or CV website quicker than ever. After all, Divi has all the layouts and material predefined and ready to use for you. Just choose what sparks your interest and you are ready to rock and roll.

Also, even if you have nothing to do with web development, you can still build a killer web space with Divi. Have in mind, you will never need to code to make moves online with Divi. Everyone can get as creative as they want without doing any of the programming work. It is the process of dragging and dropping that wins the day.

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Start your journey to success strong with a nifty page that will share all about your skills, talents and services. Instead of wondering how to make things happen, get your hands on Jevelin and dive all in. With Jevelin, you do not have to be an expert, heck, you need to have no experience with establishing pages whatsoever. You can be a complete beginner and still expect the outcome



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