How to Promote a Blog on Instagram – It is Time They Start Reading You

How to Promote a Blog on Instagram

Instagram isn’t a popular social media only for entertaining. It’s the fastest growing and developing social media for several years in a row. Instagram is also a great place for bloggers to create and show their brand’s visual identity, connect with other bloggers, create a community of followers who will love what you do, and get an extra audience.

That’s because Instagram is known as a great traffic generator for blogs and websites despite the fact that you only have space in Bio to add a link to your website and you can’t write much in that section of a profile.

Ways to promote a blog on Instagram is a pretty challenging topic, at least if you aim to do everything right. Don’t forget, Instagram is a visual social network. On it, you won’t attract people to your blog by text but by photographs. Only when and if you manage to get them interested through the photos, you’ll be successful and see the extra traffic to the blog.

Be aware, if you succeed to attract an audience to your blog, they will go away if it isn’t hosted properly. For instance, if you have chosen a MySQL database option for your blog, whose performance you may find beneficial when having a larger amount of posts, you should opt for MySQL hosting.

Regardless of the package and plan you purchase, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of quality hosting. All that without making a painful financial commitment. MySQL hosting is, logically, MySQL optimized, and usually comes with free domain registration, substantial SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth. Actually, all basic packages have these features.

Some Blog Categories Get Followers Easier Than Others

Some blog categories get followers easier than others.

Instagram is a simple social network and it’s not a special problem to collect a large number of followers. The problem is how to get those followers to click on the link in Bio and stay on your blog long enough to see what you’re doing and then come back the next day expecting more fresh content. We aren’t saying it will be easy for you to gather thousands of followers overnight and increase your blog’s popularity in 10 days. It doesn’t go that way.

However, there are certain categories of blogs with which you can more easily gain



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