The Pros and Cons of Running WordPress on Ubuntu –

The Pros and Cons of Running WordPress on Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the best operating systems to run your WordPress site on. We know, that’s a big statement. And in this article, we’ll try and pack it up. Apart from being freely available, it is also an open-source Linux based OS.

Ubuntu has released various versions of the OS over the years. For this article, we’ll be referring to Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, as it is the current latest long-term support version.  It is essential to check the version of Ubuntu you may be running as soon as you log In in your machine for the first time.

Unlike other OS, Ubuntu usually releases a new version of the OS, Ubuntu flavors, at an interval of six months and long term support every two years. It has a unique scheme that provides five years of support for desktop and server versions. Along with that, Ubuntu offers nine months’ support program for the standard versions released.

If you are launching a business website or you want to start a blog by running through the Ubuntu operating system server technology, you are assured with foundational benefits such as data security and much more. First, let’s cover the pros and cons of running an Ubuntu-powered WordPress site.

The Advantages of Running a WordPress Site on Ubuntu

Let’s learn what’s so great about Ubuntu, that WordPress website owners should definitely consider it as an option for running their site.

Ubuntu is Free

For a beginner, you don’t have to worry about having the budget to run your WordPress site on Ubuntu because it’s absolutely free. No licensing fees required. Ubuntu has enabled millions of business people, institutions, and professional bloggers to take advantage of their services and launch their website with more control compared to shared hosting solutions.


Although WordPress can be run on a Microsoft powered server, the majority of website developers prefer Ubuntu for their machines. With the Ubuntu CLI, which we’ll cover more in-depth in a later section, you have incredible levels of customization of both how you control and manage your site, as well as the inner working, or backend of it.

Ubuntu is Ideal for Development

Unlike a clean window that requires the user to install a Microsoft office suite, Java, Python, and a text editor to your desktop or computer or anything else, a clean Ubuntu installation will make getting to work much faster and easier. It is designed with distinctive out-of-box support features that allow the programmer to use the machines immediately after acquiring them. Something’s missing? Use the apt-get command to quickly download whatever you need with a single line of code from the many Ubuntu repositories.

Ubuntu: Development

Even though Windows is



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