7 Proven Ideas to Create Engaging Content That Gets Readers Hooked

7 Proven Ideas to Create Engaging Content That Gets Readers Hooked

In the past few years, creating content for the web has become more than just writing. Most bloggers are now trying to bring diverse elements into the equation in order to produce engaging content that makes people spend more time on their sites.

Writing skills should remain your main focus but sometimes you just need a little extra “something” to get people’s attention. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. The internet is full of content, so you need to set yourself apart somehow.

If you read this post, you’ll learn how to spice things up on your blog and publish more engaging content. Check out the following seven writing tricks to make your content a whole lot more engaging.

What is engaging content, and why do you need it?

But first, let’s see why you should care about engaging content.

Engaging content is the idea of combining text with various other elements that get readers hooked and increase their willingness to read through the whole article. It can also include a way of structuring your content so that it looks more appealing to potential readers.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you chose an article over another even though they were both covering the same topic? Maybe you didn’t even notice or ask yourself why, but something about the content of the first one looked more inviting to you. Maybe it was the design or the writing style… or a GIF.

Such small details can often make a difference. But let’s hear why the experts think engaging content matters:

Engaging content generates twice as many conversions as simple content[1].

It also generates five times more page views[2].

88% of marketers admit that engaging content is what makes them stand out from the competition[3].

The truth is, the amount of available web content is overwhelming. No one has the patience and time to read what you have to say unless you say something helpful, offer an interactive presentation, or involve the readers with your content (make them feel like they’re playing a part in your content creation process).

How to create engaging content

What exactly can you do to write engaging content for your followers? We propose seven tactics:

Use visuals

If you publish short-form content, then you don’t really need to rely on visuals. But if you go with a long-form content format (i.e. that has more than 1,000 words), you should keep your readers’ attention alive by including something visual every 200-300 words.

Visuals can be images, GIFs, charts and graphs, infographics, videos, stylized quotes, tables, emojis, etc. Basically, anything that presents information in a visual way.

Present the content with an appealing layout

After your text is ready, don’t just publish it as it is. Think of an intuitive layout that could capitalize



This article was written by Adelina Tuca and originally published on ThemeIsle Blog.

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