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10 Reasons Why WordPress is a Great Option for eCommerce - WP Mayor

If you are already running a business or want to start one, then you are most likely thinking about creating an eCommerce site. More and more people make purchases online, which makes it possible to expand your base of potential customers and increase sales of your goods online. There are many options for creating an eCommerce site, but WordPress is truly the best solution. Why? Let’s find out.

1. A lot of special plugins for eCommerce

Using plugins is the fastest way to add eCommerce to your website. Plugins allow you to create and manage an online store, integrate a payment gateway, and configure communication with customers. WordPress provides eCommerce plugins that include several or all functions needed for each element of your eCommerce site. WordPress has a wide range of plugins to choose from according to your preferences: WooCommerce, Barn2, WP eCommerce, HubSpot etc.

2. Wide range of themes

A theme is an important component that determines the success of an eCommerce site. The individual style and pleasant design of the resource is the first thing a visitor pays attention to when visiting your site for the first time. It affects whether customers will continue to browse the website.

As with plugins, there are many great eCommerce themes available for WordPress-based online stores. Some of the most popular collections of eCommerce themes can be found on Elegant Themes, WooCommerce Themes and ThemeForest. With a WordPress theme, you get all the ease and flexibility of a powerful CMS, which allows you to quickly add new posts and pages, and change page layouts, provide customization options and user-friendly interface.

3. Dynamic Content

Starting an online store is a highly competitive business. Basic design tools are not enough to stand out among such eCommerce sites. Dynamic content is gaining popularity now, and various WordPress themes and plugins will give you this functionality. Using WordPress functionality, you can diversify your content with animations and illustrations (360 imaging technology), movable and parallax design, making your site more enjoyable to use.

4. SEO-optimization

As for search engine optimization, WordPress shows the same stability as the online store engine itself. The resources built on it are SEO friendly and create favorable conditions for promoting your business project. Marking of meta tags, a sitemap, and understandable links significantly improve the chances of high positions in popular search engines. 

5. Reliable security

Security is of the utmost importance to any eCommerce site, especially now when millions of people shop and transact online. Your customers trust you to keep their billing information safe. WordPress plugins are protected from various cyberattacks and threats, providing a fairly safe functioning of the resource. The development team is constantly updating the security system. You can implement



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