How to reduce shipping cost based on WooCommerce Shipping Classes

How to reduce shipping cost based on WooCommerce Shipping Classes

As you may know, there are many types of products sold on an eCommerce site, including items that are easily broken, items needing careful packing, etc. If you don’t classify them into different groups, you will be overwhelmed and won’t be able to manage your products well. One of the best ways to classify your products is by using WooCommerce shipping classes.

But the question is: Classifying products may affect the shipping cost in your store. How can we reduce shipping costs when using WooCommerce shipping classes?

Shipping cost is one of the main factors directly affecting customers’ buying decisions. The higher the shipping fees, the less the possibility to make purchases. This is especially true for wholesale stores.

Therefore, when building a WooCommerce online store and customizing WooCommerce shop pages, store owners should focus on shipping rates and try to reduce the shipping cost as much as possible.

What are WooCommerce Shipping Classes?

WooCommerce shipping classes are a very useful feature that allows you to group products with the same properties which need handling with care, and control how costs are calculated. You can differ small, light products from the big, heavy ones and allocate shipping conditions and costs to specific products.

How to set up WooCommerce shipping classes in your store

To set up Shipping classes in your WooCommerce store, in the dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping classes.

Here, you can add new shipping classes by clicking Add shipping class button.

Then, a new field will pop up. You need to enter:

  • Shipping class name – a name to easily distinguish classes.
  • Slug – if you don’t enter the slug it will be automatically generated. (The slug is used as a reference to the shipping class in your database.)
  • Description – is optional and only visible in the admin area.

After filling up all the required information, remember to save shipping classes. Repeat this process for other shipping classes you’ll need in your store.


Here are some shipping class examples I made for my WooCommerce store.


Once creating a shipping class or classes in your store, you can assign a shipping class to products and minimize shipping costs for them. There are 2 ways



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