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7 Remote Work Tool Staples Every Developer Needs - ManageWP

Most developers can easily work remotely – a huge plus during the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, your living room may not always be the most productive setting. If you start to fall behind on your projects, you might feel more stressed as you push to meet deadlines.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you be as productive as possible while working from anywhere. Some help you communicate with your team. Others will help you keep track of what you are working on and how much time you are spending on each task.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for boosting your overall productivity while working remotely. We’ll then look at the seven staples you should have in your digital toolkit. Let’s get started!

Why it’s difficult to maintain your productivity when working remotely

Many people dream of working remotely and cutting their commutes to the steps between rooms in their homes. Studies show that employees who have realized this dream are more productive than their office-based counterparts. However, high productivity is not always easily obtained.

Remote workers face a lot of challenges. Many of these hurdles are not found in a normal office environment, making them harder to overcome if you’re just now adapting to working from home. Distractions, a lack of communication, loneliness, and burn-out are all hurdles you’re likely to encounter.

You can overcome some of these challenges by having a daily routine. Creating a dedicated workspace also provides a clear line between work and your personal life to help you avoid burn-out. Taking breaks throughout the day is key as well.

While these tips can help boost your productivity, having the right tools also helps. Certain products and programs can increase your efficiency and keep you on the right track.

7 remote work tool staples every developer needs

There are many remote work tools available, but some are more helpful than others. Ideally, you should seek out platforms to help you manage your workload, communicate with your team, and stay organized. Here are seven top contenders.

1. Slack

When working remotely, clear communication is vital. Slack combines instant messaging with collaboration features. Developers can use it to talk with team members, communicate with clients, and keep track of important updates.

Slack offers a range of features to make working remotely a breeze, including:

  • Conversation organization using designated ‘channels’
  • Searchable chat history
  • Voice and video calling functionality
  • Integrated file sharing

All these features combine to create a platform that helps you stay in control of communication. Instead of wasting time trying to find an email, you can easily search the relevant channel. You can also integrate Slack with other tools, including our ManageWP platform and several popular calendar apps.

Slack is free to start if you have a small team. The free plan offers 10 integrations



This article was written by Will Morris and originally published on ManageWP.

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