Revisiting 2019 – Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication!


There are only 52 weeks in a year, and even if we live a life for 70-years, it would be only 3640 weeks.

Out of these 3640 weeks, I have already completed 1700+ weeks. So, to be precise, I have close to 2000 weeks left to contribute my life for achieving my goals, my family and the work that I contribute for my extended family, that is you.

This post is a reflection of my entire 52 weeks that I spent in 2019.

Every year is special, we win some, we lose some, but we can’t live our lives afraid of making mistakes. Most importantly we learn things that help us live a better and more meaningful life in the days to come.

Well, this yearly review post is all about this.

  • How was 2019 for me and what all did I learn?
  • My mistakes and my goals for 2020

Grab a cup of coffee and read every sentence like you reading someone’s autobiography.

If you want to revisit my last year, here is: Revisiting 2018- Do what your heart feels is right!

The 2019 Year in review:

January: Hello Goa!

On 31st December, I was at the Kochi beach with locals. It was just a simple night with the grand view of endless sea and sounds of Arabian sea vastness. There was something special in that simplicity and something I took with me this whole year.

I started the year with a goal of keeping my life simple and peaceful.

One of the major highlights of January was my trip to Goa. I spent some time with an old friend of mine “Gaurav Mishra” who founded few agencies and is now on a lead role in one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

In those few days, we had a long discussion on stuff like artificial intelligence, machine learning and on persona building.

We created a few personas for the ShoutMeLoud audience and also interviewed some of our regular readers. We interviewed users who have made a purchase from ShoutMeLoud or through ShoutMeLoud and every interview lasted for 90 minutes.

Anyways, after a few interviews, it gave me the direction for the next few months.

February 2019: Meditation and USA trip

February was started with my yearly retreat for Vipassana. This is a 10 days silent meditation retreat. I started this tradition almost 3 years back, and since then, every year, I go for one 10 days retreat, and one 3 days retreat.

Being disconnected from the outer world and connecting with my inner self helps me in decluttering my life and focus on what really matters.

I have seen a profound effect of this practice in my life. I also made a video to help others become aware of this free practice which is available for everyone.

In fact, I believe this is the best free thing that is available on this planet. If you have an oppurtunity, do take out 10 days and plan a Vipassana retreat this year.

Once, I was back from the silent meditation retreat, I



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