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Rocket Managed WordPress Hosting

Web hosting is one of the decisive factors that decide the scalability and performance of your website. The WordPress hosting that serves your needs in true spirits definitely leaves the positive impacts on your website in SEO improvement and increased sales. Not every hosting provider offers the best WordPress hosting. If choosing a web hosting service was made in a rush, there can be adverse effects on your website performance down the road.

You always need to examine the strong points and weak areas of any web hosting service before hammering out a deal. There can be various kinds of pros and cons that can leave an impact on your business website. Similarly, Rocket Managed WordPress also has some unique fingerprints that make it stand out from its competitors.


The Rocket Managed WordPress hosting service ensures a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) that provides blazing fast speed website. It utilizes CloudFlare Enterprise CDN that will cache every single page of your website to over 200 locations. It has built-in caching, which means you don’t need any additional cache plugin.

The Rocket Managed WordPress website has equipped with Google Font Optimization that helps your website to load faster. Otherwise, Google Fonts may slow down your website if they’re not loaded properly. In addition to fonts, Rocket also provides Image Optimization that reduces the size of images and subsequently boosts the response rate.

They use the compression algorithm, and Huffman coding to Brotli compresses the data. It works best for text compression and reduces storage burden. To ensure the website’s speed and load time to your audience of the nearest locations, Rocket Managed WordPress has 200 cache locations with high-speed servers of NGINX and the support PHP 7.4. This Global Edge Network, with 20+ edge hosting locations worldwide, enhances the reach of your website. Rocket ensures daily backups and 24/7 Support for achieving a high level of maintenance.

Creating the Rocket Managed WordPress Site:

In a bid to test Rocket Managed WordPress, we created a website using their Agency plan. The Dashboard is quite simple, and even beginners would not need to take pauses while dealing with it.

The process of creating a site is pretty straightforward. It would be best to decide what domain your website should have, where you want to host it, and some other necessary sign-in details.

  • At first, click the blue elliptical-shaped icon of Create Site.
  • Enter the Site Name that short name will represent your website for the visitors.
  • Select the location (we went with US – New York City) where your WordPress website will be created in.

Creating new site in Rocket Managed Hosting

  • The Install Path will be telling the URL from



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