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How to Scale Video Marketing with Social Media and WordPress

Video content is on the rise and it’s not backing down anytime soon. TechCrunch reports that people spend at least one billion hours watching YouTube videos in a day alone.

And YouTube isn’t the only place people go to watch videos; social media platforms and websites are full of videos as well.

Social media sites are full of ads and other promotional content, making it challenging to connect with the right audience. But videos make it easy, as they’re easy to consume, mobile-friendly, and generate more results compared to other content types.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Whether you’re planning to start a new business or have an existing one, it’s vital to include videos in your content marketing strategy.

As per Wyzowl, an estimated 95% of businesses are already using video content as a marketing tool.

Videos Increase Trust

For the most part, social media posts seem impersonal and distant – people don’t just feel the human connection. That’s where videos shine because they put a face and a voice to the message, making it more appealing to the audience.

Videos add authenticity and personal touch to your message, which enhances trust. Indeed, most users consider videos to be more transparent than other content types.

Videos Increase Dwell Time

Today’s audience is highly distracted and the best way to catch people’s attention is by using videos on both your website and social media platform.

Using videos on your website increases dwell time, which is the duration a visitor spends on your website.

Although Google has remained tight-lipped on whether dwell time affects rankings, the truth is dwell time has an indirect impact on your site’s rankings, as it tells Google whether your website offers value to users. Thus, dwell time is the indicator of your content’s value and relevance.

Videos Increase Revenue

While most businesses don’t focus on video as their primary traffic source or community builder, keep in mind that creating videos can ultimately lead to an entirely new revenue source for your business.

If you launch a YouTube channel, you’re able to make money in a variety of ways that aren’t available if you only have a blog (One Hour Professor has some great tips).

Plus, creating a channel not only diversifies the revenue streams of your business, but it also diversifies your traffic sources, which safeguards you in case of dreaded algorithm updates from Google.

So, how do you scale video marketing with social media and WordPress?

1. Plan Your Social Media Video Marketing Strategy Well Beforehand

Calendar Planning

An excellent video marketing strategy requires thoughtful planning. Your planning should narrow down to two major aspects: finding the target audience and their



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