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How to Quickly Scan Your Site for SEO Errors

Making sure your site has no errors is quite vital for establishing a solid business. The Website SEO Stats made it easy for you to scan your site for common SEO errors, so you don’t have to torture yourself by using a different tool for everything you want to check.

This article focuses on the Website SEO Stats tool and its uses to ensure your site is running on all cylinders. This checker offers a variety of categories to choose from, including keywords, errors, XML, Page Speed, and others.

For testing, we will look at WP Pluginsify, and all of the screenshots are real-time representations of what Website SEO Stats can do.

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Title Tag

Title Tag

The title tag shows the length of your title on your site with the primary purpose of checking if it is too short or too long for presentation purposes. It is vital that a title is concise and contains all of the necessary keywords.

As you can see, the title page for this particular site is a little lengthy and nears the upper limit of characters (70). A shorter, more direct title is more pleasing for the eyes and eventually leads to more views.



The keywords a site uses are how a web browser can find the site online. The more relevant the keywords you use, the more readings your site will receive within the HTML code.

You can also see which keywords are most frequently used by an audience and which areas are lacking. This site, as you may see, has a decent amount of keywords.

XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is an ideal way of checking the internal workings of your site’s URLs. Submitting an XML sitemap to Google or Bing will allow the browsers to more accurately display your website on relevant web searches.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Checking your domain age is important to see where you stand in general searches.



This article was written by Maja Cizmic and originally published on WP Pluginsify.

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