New Schema Markup For SmartCrawl: Recipe, Job Posting, Movie, Course, Books & Software Application

New Schema Markup For SmartCrawl: Recipe, Job Posting, Movie, Course, Books & Software Application

SmartCrawl is picking up the pace with new supported schema types. Here is a quick rundown of the plugin’s new schema markup types.

We recently published a detailed tutorial on using SmartCrawl’s schema options feature. See this post if you’re not sure what schema is (tl;dr – schema types help search engines better understand your site’s content, increasing your visibility on search using features like rich snippets, which can improve your chances of more users clicking through to your site).

In this post, we’ll cover the new schema types we’ve recently added to SmartCrawl:

Note: After adding schema types to your site, you can validate your code and test your schema using this tool.

Use Google’s Rich Results Test tool to make sure your schema markup is valid.

We have many new schema types to cover, so let’s get cooking with…

Recipe schema

Do you run a food blog or a recipe site? Great! Use SmartCrawl’s recipe schema type to tell Google all about it in a pinch.

Recipe schema typeYum…is it lunchtime yet?

To add a recipe schema, log into your WordPress site and go to SmartCrawl > Schema.

SmartCrawl - Schema menu screen.Let’s add a recipe schema type to our recipe site.

Select the Types Builder tab from the Schema section and click on the ‘+ Add New Type’ button.

Schema screen - Types Builder tabSchema types are in the Types Builder tab.

Next, select the schema type you want to use from the Add Schema Type menu (in this case Recipe) and click the Continue button.

As stated in the description, all of the types include the properties required and recommended by Google by default, so there’s no need to mess with any code. SmartCrawl takes care of it all for you.

SmartCrawl Schema Types - Recipe.



This article was written by Martin Aranovitch and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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