What Is Scope Creep? (And How to Prevent It in 3 Easy Steps) –

What Is Scope Creep? (And How to Prevent It in 3 Easy Steps) - Elementor

Whether you’re working with just your team, a client, or an entire company, you should make sure that anyone who might want any say in how the website turns out is involved from the very start – and that everyone gets a chance to pitch in their ideas or concerns.

If someone ends up being left out and comes in later asking for some big additions, it could completely throw off everyone’s workflow and derail the project. To avoid sudden changes later on, reach out to any stakeholders and make sure they review your plans or ask your client to speak to them. Better safe than completely losing all of your progress when a huge revision is suddenly sprung on you halfway to the deadline.

This also applies if you’re working on a personal project with a small team. While everyone is probably excited to get this site out, unfortunately, anyone on the team could also fall prey to scope creep.

To avoid it, make sure they’ve all been given a task to work on with a deadline. If everyone is focused on their job, that will leave less time to come up with new ideas. They’ll be too busy working! Should anyone get over-ambitious, show them the list of tasks and the schedule, so they’ll understand that there’s just not enough time.

Almost every problem associated with scope creep can be solved with proper planning and better communication.

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This article was written by Nick Schäferhoff and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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