New! iThemes Security now includes Security Check Pro and CCPA changes in Pro

New! iThemes Security now includes Security Check Pro and CCPA changes in Pro

Not every site is the same; that is why we have always been hesitant to take a blanket approach to WordPress Security. For example, several sites are behind some proxy. When a site is behind a proxy, it could appear that every visitor is coming from the same IP address. When malicious actors seem to have the same IP of your customers, it can make it tricky to lockout the correct IPs and prevent the attacker from bypass the lockout.

iThemes Security Check Pro Proxy Detection

iThemes Security version 7.6.0 now includes the Security Check Pro, which was previously only available in iThemes Security Pro. The Security Check Pro helps to identify the IPs that visit your site correctly. With the correct IP in hand, iThemes Security will be better suited to lockout any malicious attackers that have targeted your site.

New! Security Check Pro Enhancements

Our iThemes Security Pro users will also notice a couple of enhancements to the Security Check Pro after updating to version 6.3.0. You can customize the Proxy Detection settings in the iThemes Security Pro Global Settings. Or, if you don’t know or don’t care if your site is behind a Proxy, you can let iThemes Security check your server configurations and choose the best option to protect your site. The Security Check Pro will perform a daily scan to check for any server configuration adjustments. If any adjustments are found, iThemes Security will make automatically update the security settings if necessary.

However, for those who prefer to take a more hands-on approach to security, the Proxy Detection settings now give you several options that will help iThemes Security best protect your site.

  • Security Check Scan – (Recommended) Security Check will connect to the servers to accurately identify your server configuration. Security Check will correctly identify remote IP addresses and ensure your site is using the recommended features.
  • Automatic – (Not Recommended) iThemes Security will try to find the correct proxy header to use automatically.
  • Manual – Manually select the header your proxy uses.
  • Disabled – Do not use Proxy Detection if your website isn’t behind a proxy.

WordPress security shouldn’t be hard, and the Security Check Pro simplifies and increases the security for the free and Pro users of iThemes Security.

Minor Trusted Device Change for CCPA Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect at the beginning of the year. With that in mind, we wanted to make our Pro users aware of a change in the Trusted Devices feature.

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