SEMrush Review: How SEMrush Will Help Bolster Your Approach to Affiliate Marketing

SEMrush Review: How SEMrush Will Help Bolster Your Approach to Affiliate Marketing

With as many as 81% of publishers utilizing affiliate marketing, it is dominating the digital sphere and the future looks bright. However, the only way of profiting from the trend is to use the right toolset. 

Many affiliate marketers are using SEMrush to improve their digital presence. SEMrush is a software that offers a host of digital marketing tools in one place. You can use SEMrush for your SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing efforts.

Keep on reading to this SEMrush review to understand why SEMrush is considered a leader in the SEO industry for affiliates and other online businesses. We will also go over the affiliate marketing tools that SEMrush offers to the affiliate marketers. 

How to Use SEMrush for Keyword Analysis

SEMrush offers the easiest way to find ranking keywords with their Keyword Magic Tool. With just a few clicks, the Keyword Magic Tool displays the best keywords in your niche that you can use in your content, PPC campaigns, and SMM efforts.

SEMrush Keyword-Research

Here are ways you can use the Keyword Magic Tool (and other tools) to make sure that you rank higher in SERP.

Keyword Research

Using effective keywords is integral to any affiliate marketing strategy. People use search queries to discover more about different products. You can optimize your content for high-performing keywords and enhance your visibility in search engine results.

How do you find these keywords? SEMrush offers the powerful Keyword Magic Tool where you can identify the metrics on keywords. You can find the search volume, difficulty, trends, results, and the SERP source of any keyword.

In addition, SEMrush will also provide suggested and related keywords. You can further optimize your content with these keywords to ensure you always rank in search engine results.

Researching PPC Keywords

You can use the Keyword Magic Tool to find out the bid-worthy PPC keywords. You’ll first want to see the cost-per-click (CPC), the average price you’ll pay when a user clicks on that keyword.

Each keyword also has a competitor density on a scale of zero to one with  one being the most competitive. This metric shows how many websites are using this keyword in their PPC campaigns.

PPC Campaign Research

Find What Keywords You Rank For

Are you wondering if your SEO efforts are successful?

You can use SEMrush for keyword research and optimization with the Position Tracking Tool.

Earn at your own pace.

Refer customers and set up your passive income stream

If you aren’t seeing progress, you know you need to make some changes. The Position Tracking Tool informs you if your rankings drop, helping you re purpose existing content or plan a new strategy.

You can also use these results for competitor research. Take a keyword that you and a competitor rank for and compare your results. The Position Tracking Tool will also notify you if your competitors pass you over in search engine results.

SEMrush - Search Engine Results

How to Use SEMrush to Create Great Content

High-quality content is the cornerstone of every successful affiliate marketing campaign. Content helps engage readers and  increase  sales.Using SEMrush for your affiliate marketing campaign will help you improve the quality of your content. 

If you’re wondering how to create high-converting content, their Content Marketing Platform will improve your content and also provides analytics to track your performance.

Here are some affiliate marketing tips and how to create high converting content.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO encompasses a variety of techniques to improve SEO efforts on your website. You can use individual tools such as the Magic Keyword Tool and Topic Research Tool as well as the whole Content Marketing Platform to optimize your blogs for search engine results.

Affiliate marketers will especially benefit from using the Topic Research Tool.  This analyzes your competitor’s content and provides topic suggestions. You can view trends in your niche throughout the web as well as heading and question suggestions.

SEMrush - Topic Research

Once you have the topic, use the Magic Keyword Tool to find the best keywords for your blog. Always include your primary keyword in the headings, URL slug, and meta tags, such as the title and description. You can also find HTML tag recommendations in the SEO Content Template.

How do you know if the content you’re writing is top-notch? SEMrush offers the SEO Writing Assistant (also available as a web browser extension) that judges the SEO-friendliness of your content.

They use a combination of factors such as your readability and article length to gauge if readers can easily digest your content. The tool also includes a plagiarism checker and ensures your tone is consistent throughout the piece.

In addition, SEO Content Template will analyze your text and will offer tips to improve your content, such as improving the readability.

You can also use the Content Marketing Platform to measure results. The Post Tracking tool monitors your content’s social media shares and keyword rankings, as well as your estimated reach and referral traffic amount.

The Content Audit Tool also provides this insight, analyzes the performance of  the blogs, and can offer recommendations, such as if repurposing them is necessary. The data is extracted from Google Analytics, social shares, and the backlinks.

Earn at your own pace.

Refer customers and set up your passive income stream

Off-Page SEO

The efforts you do off of your website (better known as off-page SEO) also tie into your website’s credibility.

Link building is one of the most valuable strategies that can improve your website’s authority and enhance your presence on search engine results. External links direct readers to your page.

SEMrush has an incredible Link Building Tool that compiles different link building opportunities for you. You can run a competitive analysis on your competitors to see if their backlinking efforts are more successful than yours.

If you need to conduct backlink analysis, SEMrush offers the Backlink Audit Tool to ensure no low-quality or spammy publishers are linking to your website and your affiliate links.

SEMrush - Features

This tool collects data about all of your backlinks and ranks them based on a “toxicity score.” If a link has a high toxicity score, it’s likely a harmful domain. From here, you can remove all of your toxic backlinks.

The Backlink Audit Tool will also automatically track any backlink changes, such as any new or broken backlinks, as well as regularly assessing your link profile risk.

How to Spy on Competitors and Get a Blueprint for Your Own Marketing Campaign

Are you trying to dominate other affiliate marketers in your niche? If so, SEMrush makes competitor research easy.

Identify the Competition

Not sure who your competitors are? The Market Explorer tool can offer competitor insights and more. Start by querying your domain. Market Explorer will see your overall market traffic size as well as the biggest players in that industry.

The Market Explorer tool

You’ll also see your competitor’s traffic rankings, their traffic sources, number of backlinks, and their search engine visibility. From here, you can create a list of your biggest competitors.

Market Explorer will also help you keep tabs of your industry. This includes any trends or changes. You’ll be on top of the game, helping you stay a leader in your niche.

Track Competitors

SEMrush offers a myriad of ways to track your competitors, on Google searches as well as on social media.

You can use the Position Tracking Tool to rank you and your competitors side-by-side on search engine results. The Position Tracking Tool offers position tracking for both organic and paid results.

You can also use the Position Tracking Tool to discover new competitors. The Competitor Discovery section identifies similar websites that are competing on Google searches and can compare your websites based on keyword results and traffic.

Want to track your competitors on social media? SEMrush’s Social Media Toolkit also offers a convenient way to analyze your competitor’s social media efforts. Just add their domain name and SEMrush will find their social media channels for you.

From here, compare their successes (or failures) to your channels and see what content they’re posting. SEMrush can also email you updates on your competitors’ social media channels.

SEMrush - Toolkit

How Different Affiliate Marketing Personas Can Use SEMrush

No two affiliate marketers are the same. All affiliate marketers target a specific audience and release individualistic content catered to their readers. Fortunately, SEMrush offers a diverse set of tools to appeal to all types of you might have learned throughout this SEMrush review. 

Here are common affiliate personas and how they can leverage SEMrush.


Bloggers are one of the most common types of affiliates. Some are general affiliates, offering educational pieces and courses on writing great blogs. Others have specific niches, such as parenting or cooking.

SEMrush hosts a variety of tools beneficial for all types of bloggers. You can use the Keyword Magic Tool and Content Platform to produce high-quality content that’s keyword-optimized.

After your content is published, you can use the Content Audit Tool to measure your success. This includes viewing your social shares and any backlinks you receive.

Content Marketing Platform

You likely have many competitors and you’ll want to track their success. You can use the Market Explorer tool to measure their traffic, keyword rankings, and search engine results.


If you train others in digital marketing and other skills, SEMrush can help promote your courses and services. Since you likely rely on SEO to boost your course rankings, the Content Platform will ensure your content has great readability and the Keyword Magic Tool will help you rank for the best keywords.

You’ll also want to use the Content Audit Tool to measure your blog performance. You’ll know when your content is successful and when you need to improve your content strategy.

Earn at your own pace.

Refer customers and set up your passive income stream

Do you also promote your courses on social media? You should have the Social Media Toolkit on hand. You can schedule posts, get insights into your social media marketing, boost your posts, and track your competitors all on one platform.


Readers trust review websites to gain insight into a variety of products. Whether you focus on a specific niche or review a broad scope of products, affiliate reviewers offer a place where buyers can read unbiased reviews and make the best buying decisions.

High-quality content is likely your biggest focus. The Content Platform will offer every tool you need to create the best and SEO-optimized content.

You can use the Topic Research Tool to find trending products that customers are searching for. The SEO Content template provides HTML tag recommendations as well as potential keywords you can rank for (the Keyword Magic Tool is also another great keyword tool).

Using the SEO Writing Assistant will ensure your content is easy to read so all buyers can follow along with your content. From here, you can use the Content Audit Tool to measure the performance of your reviews.

How SEMrush Helps at Every Stage of Your Affiliate Marketing Journey

SEMrush isn’t only a powerful platform for beginner affiliates. Seasoned affiliate marketers can use SEMrush to create an effective marketing strategy. Here are the tools to add to your affiliate marketing checklist to increase the conversion rates.

Market and Competitor Research

The first step of every marketing campaign is research. You can use SEMrush’s Market Explorer tool to gain a better understanding of your target audience as well as your competitors. This includes market size and any trends in traffic.

Market Explorer also identifies potential competitors. You can make a list of these competitors and see their traffic, search engine visibility, and the number of backlinks.


Market and Competitor Research


Content Marketing

When you have your research done, you’ll be able to create an effective content marketing strategy using the Content Platform.

SEMrush also offers a convenient Content Marketing Calendar to create campaigns, the date they should be published, and a description of the campaign. You can also attach files and add comments.

If there’s more than one individual on your campaign, you can add teammates to make collaboration easy.

SEMrush for bloggers

Social Media Marketing

Affiliates rely heavily on social media to find new readers and entice existing ones. The Social Media Toolkit ensures you create the best content for your audience and that you post at the right time. You can also edit pictures and monitor your social media ads directly on the platform.

How You Can Optimize Campaigns That Are Falling Apart

You may create a marketing campaign or promote different affiliate programs that don’t produce the ideal results you were hoping for . Fortunately, SEMrush can pick you back up.

If your SEO results are failing, you’ll want to take advantage of the SEO Toolkit.

This platform features powerful tools such as the Backlink Gap to find missed backlinking opportunities, the Keyword Gap to find unique keywords used by your competitors, and Organic Traffic Insights to track traffic and user behavior changes.

The SEO Toolkit also includes technical SEO tools, such as the Site Audit. You can uncover technical issues on your website. Fixing these technical issues can boost your SEO results. 

If your PPC campaign fails, you can use the PPC Toolkit to re-optimize and improve your advertising efforts.

The Toolkit includes opportunities to conduct advertising research, create your ads in Ad Builder, use the Display Advertising Tool to analyze your competitors’ text and banner ads, and use a variety of keyword tools such as the PPC Keyword Tool as well as the Keyword Magic Tool.

SEMrush for performance marketers

Rounding Off this SEMrush Review – All You Need for a More Powerful Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Are you interested in taking your affiliate marketing business to the next level? SEMrush is really one of the most comprehensive digital marketing software and can enhance your business’ performance and visibility. Use SEMrush to run better marketing campaigns and track your progress.This SEMrush review just gives you a brief understanding of how the tool can be used to bolster your marketing strategy. 

Before you can start your affiliate marketing strategy, you’ll need a supportive hosting provider. Take a look at our website hosting options.

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