SEO certification: How can you get it and why should you?

SEO certification: How can you get it and why should you?

Once you finish a Yoast SEO academy training course, you get a shiny certificate of completion and a badge you can embed on your site or share on social media. This way, you can let everyone know about your newly acquired SEO expertise. Awesome! But how useful is an SEO certification, really? Does it make a real difference? The honest answer: it sure can, but it depends on your needs and expectations.

Why getting an SEO certification matters

An SEO training certification can help in several ways. Obviously, the actual proof of certification matters most to those of us who actually work in the fields of SEO or web design, or are trying to get there! In this case, you can use your SEO certification to build trust among your customers and help advance your business. However, you can also use it to improve your resume when you work in a different field.

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But honestly, the most important reason to get SEO certified isn’t the piece of digital paper you get at the end. It’s the skills you build while getting your certification. These skills are the real value you get from taking an online SEO course. That said, let’s go through the reasons why you may benefit from getting an SEO training certification one by one.

1. SEO certification helps you build trust with your customers

If it’s important to you that others know about your SEO skills, you can use your SEO certification to prove this. You can embed your badge on your website and share your certificate on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Of course, where you follow a training course makes all the difference. Especially within the world of WordPress, Yoast is a well-known, and trusted brand, which stands for quality and world-class SEO knowledge. Embedding a certificate on your website means showing that you’ve learned from the best.

2. Show that you do SEO the right way

By getting certified, you’re showing others how they can expect you to tackle SEO. At Yoast, we have very clear ideas about how you should practice SEO. We advocate a holistic and sustainable SEO strategy, built to last. And we’re known for this.

Of course, we think the world would be better off if everyone implemented a sustainable SEO strategy. In our training courses, we preach what we practice. We don’t like tricks. We want sites to rank by being the best result. By completing a Yoast SEO academy



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