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Why SEO is Easier on WordPress - WP Mayor

WordPress has many advantages, which is why it is the most used Content Management System (CMS) on the planet. Recent estimates are that fully 30% of the web runs on the platform.

One of the elements of WordPress that has made it so popular is how easy it is to optimize the platform for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major factor in how much traffic your site attracts because search engine queries are still the primary way in which the average user finds the products they would like to buy.

One of the primary reasons that WordPress is so good for SEO is that there are plenty of third-party add-ons for the platform that takes a lot of the work out of optimization. As we pointed out in our article on choosing an SEO package, as well as in our SEO PowerSuite review, which of these you choose can make a difference to how your site performs on Google’s Page Rank. 

There are plenty of other reasons why WordPress is so good for SEO. And in this article, we’ll take you through some of them. 

SEO By Design

At the most basic level, WordPress is optimized for search engines. 

This is true in several ways. Though WordPress is written mainly in PHP, WordPress generates HTML pages that are easily assessed by search engines. In addition, the platform gives you the option to make “pretty permalinks” – rather than a string of random code, the links to your pages can be customized in order to help your visitors navigate your site. Similarly, most WordPress themes process your “heading” tags correctly by default, making your page titles easily understood by search engines.

All of these features are shared by sites on both the WordPress.com and WordPress.org domains, but there are some advantages to migrating to WordPress.org when it comes to SEO. After migration, you have more options when it comes to tweaking the basic features of your pages and making sure that all the basics are in place.

High-Quality Themes

Another major advantage of WordPress when it comes to SEO is that the popularity of the platform means that there are plenty of high-quality themes available for it. In terms of SEO, a “high quality” theme means one that not only looks and functions well but one that also outputs readable HTML for search engines.

Of course, it’s also important that your site looks great. The pleasing and user-friendly design encourages customers to stay on your site longer and is an important factor in building your online reputation. From a purely technical perspective, as well, a high-quality theme is going to be reflected in your search ranking, because Google takes into account the length of time that the average user spends on a page.

SEO Plugins

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress and hundreds that improve your SEO. These plugins cover every aspect of SEO, from making sure your content is performing well to tracking the way that visitors move between your pages.



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