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Woocommerce Store Seo: 2020’s Best Guide for Ranking Number 1

Have you ever imagined yourself standing on each corner of the road while spinning a sign with your store’s name to get direct traffic? That is how a Search Engine Optimization SEO for a WooCommerce Store works if you have your own eCommerce site.

Search Engine Optimization SEO for a WooCommerce Store serves a vital role in all search engine results ranking, such as the ranking of eCommerce sites. In order for you to get a higher rank and for people to easily find your products on search engines, there is a need for you to optimize your site. By getting your products in the higher rank of search engine results, you will be able to reach more people and get more sales.

Search Engine Optimization SEO for a WooCommerce Store has a need to develop strong and focus keywords that will be used on each eCommerce site. The focus keywords that you will have should logically and naturally fit.

Focus keywords can work easily with things like URLs, meta descriptions, product pages, image names, permalinks, and alt text as an addition to the content of your site. Remember to keep them natural.

Through this article, we’re going to dig deeper into SEO for a WooCommerce Store in order for you to get your way in ranking number 1. We are going to talk about the ways of how to optimize SEO for a WooCommerce Store with 10 useful tips and our picks of the best SEO themes and plugins.

WooCommerce Store Compared to Shopify

Shopify landing page

SEO for a WooCommerce Store, when combined with WordPress, makes a customizable and easy to use eCommerce platform. Some of the most common eCommerce features, like shipping and payment, are the simplest features included in this plugin. Apart from that, there are also a lot of useful WooCommerce tools and plugins that can help in boosting the revenue of your online store.

Shopify is a broad eCommerce platform. It is specially designed for beginners so you can have limited customizations.

To clear things up, both WooCommerce and Shopify have all the things that you need to market your products online. SEO for a WooCommerce Store just offers more customization suited for people who look for this kind of freedom.

SEO for a WooCommerce Store is also cheaper because its plugin is open-source and widely available on WordPress. Shopify’s plan, on the other hand, starts at a price of $29 per month.

There are some things that aren’t free when it comes to opening an online store, like an SSL certificate, WordPress hosting, and a domain name.

Is SEO for a WooCommerce Store Friendly?

The answer to the question: if SEO for a WooCommerce Store is friendly? Yes, it is friendly.

SEO for a WooCommerce Store is built with the use of codes, but it doesn’t really have a lot of SEO features. WooCommerce works well with WordPress and



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