SEOTesting Tool Review – Google Search Console on Steroids

SEOTesting Tool Review - Google Search Console on Steroids

When it comes to free SEO tools, nothing beats what the Google search console offers. However, there are only limited things you could do with the Google search console, and you have to be a partial nerd to make sense out of it.

Well, if you have been wondering if there is an app that could make Google search console data more meaningful, then you are in luck today. A while back I have bumped into this not-so-popular yet original tool called SEOTesting, which a lot of you would love to learn about and use for optimising your website.

The first time I bumped into SEOTesting (earlier it used to be called Sanitycheck) was when I was researching about Keyword cannibalization. However, recently the site has gone under a major rebranding, and a lot of user-friendly features have been added.

In this guide, we will look at how to use SEOTesting tool, and how to use the data provided by this tool to drive more traffic and improve website conversions.

The best thing about SEOTesting tool is, it can be used by content creators, e-commerce website owners or even a service website owner. As long as you are using Google search console (Highly recommended step for SEO), you can use SEOTesting webapp.

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SEOTesting tagline is “Do more with Google Search Console data”, and this is exactly what it does. Once you add your website to SEOTesting and connect it with your Google search console account, it fetches the data to give you a lot of actionable tasks to improve your search engine position, and also helps you to increase the CTR.

Here is a screenshot of SEOTesting dashboard where you could clearly see the kind of data you would get after connecting with GSC:

Those who are in the field of SEO can easily see how valuable this data is, and how quickly it can help you grow your website traffic.

According to their “Producthunt” listing, SEOtesting can:

Easily track the changes you make to your website, to see if they have an effect on Google rankings and clicks.Get actionable data from Search Console to build out the content on your site, improve CTRs, solve thin content & keyword cannibalization issues.

We will dwell deep into all the benefits and features in the upcoming section of this review, but for now let me answer the most burning question.

And that is; what about the security of my data?

Well, according to the founder Nick Swan, they don’t share data with any 3rd party, and your data remains with you.

Now, if that is no more your apprehension, I would recommend signing up for their 14 days free trial (Unlimited website), and start using the tool.

Follow the steps to learn how to add your website.

How to Start Using SEOTesting:

  • Once you have added your website, the next step is to give access to your Google search console account. This is how the tool would fetch the data, and suggest



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