How to Setup Live Chat on WordPress with Plugins

How to Setup Live Chat on WordPress with Plugins

Technology continues to shape the customer service industry in new and compelling ways. Live chat can be a useful (and essential) tool for your WordPress site in this day and age of instant gratification.

This article looks at ways to implement live chat on your site.

We’ll be covering the whys to use a chat plugin, some available plugins to implement live chat, and also a glimpse of how to set up your own white-labeled chat with The Hub Client.

But first, let’s backtrack a bit and see…

How Live Chat Came to Be

We’ve come a long way from smoke signals, rotary phones, and pagers.

Customers with queries or complaints used to have to visit a store directly, but when the telephone was invented, customers were able to call the businesses. Although at one point, this was an innovation, people quickly grew tired of the problems it also invented in relation to receiving customer service.

Next came the internet. Email and social media made it so that agents could address more concerns at one time, making response times quicker but not quick enough.

Both email and social media have their downsides when it comes to addressing customer service issues.

The latest attempt to resolve customer questions and issues in a timely manner is live chat, which brings together the best of both the telephone and internet-enabled world.

Live chat has been around since the late 1980s, when Quantum Link created On-Line Messages (OLM) for the Commodore 64, paving the way for instant messaging. Q-Link later became known as AOL—a company name you’re probably better acquainted with.

Many think of live chat as just another way for customers to reach a seller. Still, since other mediums are available for providing customer service support, they haven’t given much thought to its implementation. Indeed, this is a mistake, as live chat helps increase customer satisfaction, increasing sales.

Why Live Chat on WordPress?

Many see live chat as yet another technology to master and implement and an additional budgeting/staffing concern. Those who think this way ignore the many benefits of setting up live chat on WordPress.

First, live chat is convenient for customers. They don’t have to exit the website to create inquiries, and if they have questions, help is just a click away.

Live chat support agents are able to multitask as well, allowing the company to cut costs by not hiring as many agents as they would need when operating a call center.

Plus, live chat improves the customer service experience by offering timely responses. A study found that 93% of businesses don’t follow the “5-minute rule”—just 7% of companies respond to inquiries made in 5 minutes or less!

This is noteworthy because just a 5-minute delay in response results in a 400% decrease in odds to qualify that person as a lead. In the same survey, the one thing held in common between the 7% of companies who respond to inquiries promptly is that they



This article was written by Maddy Osman and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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