Simple Author Box Plugin Review –

Simple Author Box Review

Guest posting is a great marketing strategy to get more visitors – regardless if you are accepting guest posts on your site, or publishing your articles on someone else’s.

Not only is it great to collaborate with other bloggers, but it will also bring you some high-quality links that will lift you up in the eyes of the almighty Google.

Ultimately, it takes a lot off your plate – even though people are very enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge on a topic, so starting a blog is easy. Still, it can become a demanding job after a while, and you might not have a fresh view on the topic every now and then. That’s when other authors can jump in and help.

With their articles that are published on your site, you will still be providing great content to your visitors, which you haven’t had to write yourself. Still, the most important benefit of guest posting is the traffic that comes with it. If you publish your article on someone else’s site, their audience will get to know about you, and if the post is good, follow you back to your site. It works the other way around, too.

In short – if the author is an authority in the niche and knows what he or she is talking about, the visitors are very likely to follow them around.

So, if you ever decide to accept guest posts on your site – make sure that you give the credit where credit is due. This is common courtesy after all, but it is also a great way of bumping up your blog’s traffic, credibility, and, ultimately, Search Engine Result’s Position!

Why and how should you add author boxes?

Giving the credits to your authors is a really nice thing to do for them!

Considering how many websites ask for full rights over the material sent to them, it can be difficult to build a portfolio and show off your skills to potential employers for new writers looking to make a living out of it.

And it is a nice thing for you, as well, if we are honest. You will attract new writers since everybody is looking for some exposure, especially when they are starting out.

If experts get the chance to promote themselves on your blog, they will jump on the opportunity, too. But, all in all, with all the writers and their articles, you will also gain a lot of new traffic. With strategically placed internal links and your own impeccable content – you have a high chance of getting new loyal readers!

Now, when it comes to how it can get tricky, especially if it is in WordPress. Not all of the themes have or support this feature, so unless your whole business idea revolves around guest posts and you planned them in the first place, you will probably be destined to use a plugin.

It is safe to say that there are one too many plugins available, and it stands true for Author Box plugins as well. To save you hours of hunting for the right one, here is our recommendation: the Simple Author Box plugin.

Sit tight, because we are about to show you how to handle and add author boxes on your site with this plugin



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