How to Get the Most from Your Site Backups with Snapshot

How to Get the Most from Your Site Backups with Snapshot

Snapshot has been rebuilt from the ground up. It has the same sleek and easy-to-use interface, but it now stands proudly in front of a smarter API, plus a whole host of new features – including incremental backups and third-party storage destinations. It’s probably time we recapped how to get the most out of Snapshot…

If you never thought of Snapshot as a contender for your WordPress backup plugin, maybe it’s time to think again.

It’s had some major updates that have taken it to a whole new level.

Snapshot stores your backups in a much smarter way, allows you to see all your backups including WPMU DEV hosting and Automate backups all in one place, and even takes care of your staging site for you.

Learn more about Snapshot’s new features or read on to learn how to use the new and improved Snapshot:

How Does Snapshot Use Incremental Backups?

Incremental backups have completely changed the way that Snapshot works.

Traditional backups take a full-site backup each time. This means that if you have daily backups enabled and can store a maximum of 30 backups, you will have 30 copies of your whole site by the end of the first month!

With incremental backups, you only back up the changes. Instead of having 30 copies of your entire site, you have one full copy of your site plus 29 much smaller backups which include just the changes you’ve made.

This chart illustrates the difference between the amount of storage the two backup methods use over just a few days.

The difference after just 5 days is around 2GB. Just imagine the difference after a month’s worth of backups!

The above was more than enough to make us want to redevelop Snapshot to use incremental backups, however you might be pleased to know that there are even more benefits:

  • Smaller backups are less prone to failure than full-site ones. Nothing worse than finding out your backup has been unsuccessful!
  • Zipping the files and taking a full copy of the database can put a lot of strain on your server. This means that your site could slow down for visitors while a full-site backup is in progress.
  • Incremental backups are much faster than backing up your whole site, meaning that if you’re making sure a backup finishes before you step away from your computer, you won’t have to wait nearly as long.
  • If you run a large site, full-site backups can be a nightmare. They take a long time to process and take up a huge amount of storage space. Incremental backups are the perfect solution for large sites.

When Snapshot backs up your site for the first time, it takes a full backup of your entire site.

This is what we refer to as the ‘base backup’. Your base backup will contain everything Snapshot needs to be able to restore your site to exactly how it was at that time.

If you want Snapshot to backup your site automatically, simply set



This article was written by Kirstan Norman and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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