How to Know When Your Site Goes Down and Resolve the Issue in the Fastest Way Possible –

How to Know When Your Site Goes Down and Resolve the Issue in the Fastest Way Possible - WP Pluginsify

Having a site that always runs smoothly is every site owner’s dream because if it doesn’t, it will affect the business and nobody wants that to happen. But it is not just about the owner’s wishes – visitors also want the site that they are browsing to run as flawless as possible.

From the site owners’ point of view, there could be a lot of problems happening that will make the site either crash or slow down. Just imagine how much business is lost, and profit as well, if your site is down for more than, let’s say an hour. A lot, the answer is a lot!

But it is not just about the sales that would have happened in that affected time – it is about whether the customer will come back to your site? Or if he/she does come back, will the site still be down? And the most important of all, when he/she came back,  was there any information on when the site will be back online?

Having a site that is working flawlessly is hard, but managing the problems that can occur on the site and slow it down is even harder. Solving those mysteries around your site being down can be as hard as a crime scene. Where are the clues to what caused the problem? Who or what is to blame? How to fix it? A lot of questions that you can’t find an answer to.

It would be great to have a tool that will monitor your site 24/7, and when something happens, that will let you know immediately.  And in this article, we will present to you a tool just like that. So let’s dive in!

Monitoring tools

Having the answers to all the questions we asked you in the introductory part is easy when you have the right tool, a website monitoring tool. With it,  solving website crime scenes will never be the same.

You want a tool that will alert you when your site doesn’t contain a keyword, doesn’t respond to a ping, or God forbid becomes unavailable. Well, we got you covered.

Better Uptime is a great tool for that and a lot more. You will probably stumble across it once or twice because it covers all the problems your site can have.

Better Uptime

When you are monitoring your site, you can see how the site is doing at the moment and send a test alert so that you can monitor the response time across different regions or around the world. It will give you great insight into your website.

You can also integrate it with hundreds of different services, like Datadog, Grafana, New Relic, Heroku, and more.

Better Uptime integrations

One thing a lot of people experience is that they don’t know when their disk space is getting full. This is also covered by this little helper. It lets you know when



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