SiteGround vs. Kinsta: Learn Which Host is Right for You

SiteGround vs. Kinsta: Learn Which Host is Right for You

Kinsta and SiteGround are the two best hosts in WordPress. They’re also very different. Which one’s right for you? We’ll make it easy:

1. You’re not highly budget-conscious.

Kinsta will cost quite a bit more than SiteGround as your traffic scales, but for larger projects both are cheap enough not to worry.

2. You’re focused on well-optimized WordPress hosting.

As WordPress’s best managed host, Kinsta outperforms SiteGround on speed, even on a per-dollar basis.

3. Your site earns revenue that would grow with speed.

Many online stores profit from an even slightly faster site. Many small-business or personal sites may not.

4. You’re pretty technical.

If slightly better geeky features gets you excited, and the lack of phone support doesn’t scare you, Kinsta could be a good fit.

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1. You’re budget-conscious.

If $60 or $100 a month sounds like a painful amount to pay for web hosting, then start out on SiteGround shared hosting.

2. You want to host things other than WordPress.

Kinsta only does WordPress, so if you want to manage email accounts through your hosting—or if you’re also messing around with a Python app—then get SiteGround.

3. Your site is just starting out.

We recommend SiteGround’s GrowBig plan (learn why) for almost all new sites.

4. You think you may need phone support.

SiteGround has it, Kinsta doesn’t, so if you need it consider SiteGround.

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SiteGround vs. Kinsta: Why You Can Trust Us

When we tell you that, in 2020, SiteGround and Kinsta are the two best hosts in WordPress, we’re not just saying that. We’ve spent dozens of hours collecting and analyzing tens of thousands of unbiased user reviews from multiple trustworthy sources, and Kinsta (#1) and SiteGround (#2) have the absolute-highest user satisfaction ratings of all WordPress hosts.

If you’d like to see our complete, unbiased analysis of the best WordPress hosting—including full detail on where we get our data—have a look:



This article was written by Fred Meyer and originally published on WPShout.

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