Skillshare vs Teachable: Which is the Best Online Teaching Platform?

Skillshare vs Teachable: Which is the Best Online Teaching Platform?
  • By Dianna Gunn
  • October 27, 2020

There are numerous platforms available to help you build and sell online courses. In this guide to Skillshare vs Teachable, I will review and compare two of the most popular options.

Skillshare is an educational network that emphasizes short video courses teaching creative skills. They operate on a subscription basis, giving paid members access to all courses. As of writing this article, they have over five million users. Skillshare courses cannot be sold on other platforms.

Teachable is a website and software platform that allows you to create Schools devoted to specific types of courses. You can then use Teachable to build mixed media courses and sell them to your audience.

In this article, I will settle the debate of Skillshare vs Teachable by analyzing the following:

  • What to look for in an online teaching platform
  • How Skillshare works
  • How Teachable works
  • Similarities between the two platforms
  • Differences between the two platforms
  • An evaluation of the purposes each platform is most suited to

By the time you finish this guide, you should know which teaching platform is the best option for you.

What to look for in a teaching platform

Moving courses from one platform to another is a time consuming process, so you want to make sure you choose the right one the first time. Pay close attention to the features and payment structures they offer.

The course builder

The most important thing to consider is the course builder itself. You want something easy to use for both the initial course building process and edits later on. You may also want to look for a platform that accepts multimedia lessons, not just video content.

Finally, you want to consider additional course materials. Some platforms allow you to create quizzes, assignments, and/or other types of course content.

How courses are sold

If your goal is to make money, you need to understand how sales work on the platform you want to use. Are you wholly responsible for marketing courses, or does the platform provide some level of marketing? Do people pay you directly, or do they pay for a membership on the site in order to access your content? Are payments made on a one-time basis, through a subscription model, or some combination of the two?

You also want to consider how the platform itself makes money. Some platforms take all of the money from courses, then redistribute it based on how popular individual courses are. Others charge transaction fees when you sell a course. Still others make their money by charging you a monthly fee, allowing you to keep everything you earn from course fees.

How you get paid

There are two things



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